Affiliate Program

Promote to your audience and help them to automate their creative works.

Earn a 50% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.

Keep earning commissions every month for subscriptions.

There's no limit to how much you can earn.

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How it works?

1. Join the program

Apply to the Plugger Affiliate Program here.

2. Promote Plugger to your audience

Share your unique affiliate link through your channels. You’ll have access to our Affiliates Resource Center with promotional best practices, guides, videos, and more.

3. Earn rewards

For every new plan sale or upgrade, you’ll earn 50% of all payments for the first 12 months — with no limits.

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Frequently asked questions

What commission do I receive?

You receive a commission of 50% of the gross price of each sale in USD,  for the first 12 months.

What counts as a sale?

Every payment made by a user who signed up through your affiliate link counts as a sale.

Do I get commissions for subscriptions every month?

Yes, as long as customers stay subscribed you receive commissions for subscription renewal payments too. Just make sure that you refer at least one new paying customer per year to keep your affiliate account active.

What if someone signs up, but does not purchase?

When someone signs up for free using your affiliate link, their account is assigned to your affiliate code and any future purchases they make are linked to you.

What if someone already has an account?

If someone already has an account that was not created via your affiliate link, purchases can not be assigned to you. It is not possible to change the affiliate assignment of an existing account.

What if someone cancels and resubscribes later?

When a customer cancels their subscription you stop receiving commissions. When they resubscribe later, you start receiving commissions again. Just make sure that you refer at least one new paying customer per year to keep your affiliate account active. available in multiple countries?

Yes, is accessible in over 150 countries, allowing your models to reach a global audience.

How can I get support or assistance with the Program?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to's Discord server.

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