AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Cameralyze allows companies to experiment with AI or implement AI without having the risk of large investments.

This means that businesses can implement off-the-shelf AI tools and techniques with a much lower cost than the initial investment.

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Benefits of AI as a Service

Build your application quickly
Every problem which you faced, is unique and every time you don't solve has a cost. Build and test your AI application quickly and get the ROI immediately.
Pre-trained advance models
Advance models are built for you.Start to develop your application using these special models.
Ready-to-use third-party integrations
Don't think third-party integrations like Gmail, Slack, and etc. Hundreds of integrations are ready-to-use.
Smart Labelling
Just label your data and don't think back. Share your data with different user just for labelling.

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