Background Remover

Cameralyze Background Remover Solution instantly detects the object or person in any photo and offers you a smooth and precise cross-section.

AI-powered solutions  have the ability to process hair, fur or any complex edges in just a few seconds, saving you a lot of time.

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Ready to Use

With AI-based ready-to-use components e.g. Background Remover via DeepLab on the no code platform, you can create your own Background Remover application from scratch in minutes according to your need.

Unmatched Speed & Accuracy

It detects the person or object in the image and video in real-time and automatically removes the background in seconds. No matter how many transaction requests, it works at the same speed and gives the fastest result.

Speed up your workflow

You don't need technical knowledge or more workforce to use the Cameralyze Background Remover. You no longer need to manually photoshop the background of your images or videos. It automates the process for you, lightens the workload, and saves you money.

Easily Adopt to Your Use Case

Easily customize the Background Remover solution from scratch for your own business use case. Quickly download your result or send application outputs with Google Drive, Slack, Custom API, and more integration.

Data Privacy And Security

Designed with privacy protection in mind. Cameralyze Background Remover Solution automate data privacy and security. Does not store any video or images and allows you to quell all your privacy concerns.

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