AI-Based Content Moderation

Moderate and filter all your content in real-time. Automatically detect objectionable images, videos, gifs, texts or live.

Cameralyze content moderation solutions allow you to solve your content NSFW troubles quickly.

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Minimalist Design

The simplicity of the no-code design and its user-friendly, as per feedback from many of our customers, makes our integrated approach very fast and simple. Offer you a ready-to-use system thanks to our powerful design tool. It only takes 3 minutes to use and integrate into your system.

Advanced Moderation Techniques

The smart way to recognize the unwanted content from the suspect in images, videos, gifs, texts, or live like explicit nudity, suggestive, violence, visually disturbing, rude gestures, drug, gambling, hate symbols, weapon, extremism, scammers, etc.

Highest Accuracy & Quality

Cameralyze Content Moderation Solutions uses artificial intelligence and human skills to ensure every content on the image adheres to the guidelines and policies of the business. Cameralyze can moderate any category of images, videos, gifs, texts, or live provided in any format with the highest level of accuracy and optimal quality.

Easily Scalable

Load balancing and synchronization are automated. Process thousands of streaming video channels at the same time and recognize  unwanted content in less than a second.

Privacy Leadership

Designed with privacy protection in mind.
Cameralyze Content Moderation Solutions allow you to solve your content NSFW troubles quickly. Moderate your content now and protect the reputation of your company or brand!

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