Face Blurring Application

The easiest way to blur and anonymize faces on image, video or live stream without any code.

This application  has been designed with state-of-the-art features and easy integration in mind so that you can easily apply privacy laws and data protection policies to your daily operations.

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Protect Individual Privacy

Cameralyze Face Blurring Application, directly addresses your privacy concerns by hiding faces detected in image, video or live video streaming using the Face Blur feature in real-time. Support you comply with all regulations by offer you to integrate the most - advanced face blur app into your system for GDPR, CCPA, APPI, CSL and ever-changing privacy regulations globally.

Ready - To - Use

Thanks to the fast & visual drag and drop canvas offered by Cameralyze, it allows you to build your own unique AI Face Blurring application with no-code. Quickly detects and blur faces in the image and video you upload to the application. Provide real-time face blurring on live stream.

Achieve Fast & Accurate Results

Cameralyze Face Blur App blurs all faces at once, whether it's a single person or a large crowd, regardless of the angle of people on the camera. There is no limitation.

Save Your Time

Don't waste your precious time manually editing video footage. Just focus on your business.  This application saves you the effort, time and cost of manually editing video footage. Automatically detects and blurs faces in any image, video or live stream.

Don't Need Additional Equipment

Don't need any special or extra equipment. Quickly detect and blur faces in video and image.  Works with any type of camera and blurs live-stream in real-time. Start to apply privacy by default in your operations today with Cameralyze!

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