Automatic Image Tagging

Cameralyze Auto Image Tagging Solution helps you automatically organize and configure your photo library with the help of Artificial intelligence.

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Tags and categorizes your photos

With a world first, you can automatically categorize your images - experience AI anywhere and anytime thanks to end-to-end no code platform. Build your own image tagging application from scratch in minutes thanks to the no-code platform within minutes.

Speed up your annotation work with the help of AI

It doesn't matter how big your project is, we’re ready to set you up for success. With our professional developer team and customer support, we can scale your projects anywhere in the world. No matter how many transaction requests, it works at the same speed and gives the fastest result.

Do you think your image tagging process is fast enough?

Make your image tagging process  even faster using the no-code platform's robust and user-friendly image, video, and live-stream tagging tools, as well as the automation and machine-learning features the Cameralyze platform offers.

Image Tagging Types

Choose any of the Image Tagging types;  via Imagenet or via Inception options and customize your image tagging application according to your needs, and send the results to the third party tools you use every day with Premium integrations.

Enterprise-ready solution

You don't have to be concerned about security or privacy. Cameralyze platform is designed from the ground up to consolidate pipelines of any size and complexity. By complying with the most critical regulations, we serve leading companies.

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