5 Computer Vision Use Cases in E-Commerce
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5 Computer Vision Use Cases in E-Commerce

This article goes through the importance of computer vision in e-commerce and the use cases of computer vision in e-commerce. Read on to discover why and how this technology revolutionizes the e-commerce world.
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5 Computer Vision Use Cases in E-Commerce

According to an old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. But today, because of advancements in visual AI, images can be worth much more. Computer vision technology is changing how people shop online and giving buyers and sellers benefits they could never have imagined.

Today's technological era has influenced people to be more visual in their thinking and purchasing decisions. Large e-commerce companies have noticed these changes in customer behavior and have relied on computer vision technology.

The fact that many people are using computer vision shows that it has great potential in e-commerce.

This blog examines how computer vision is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. We focus on the five ways in which computer vision is changing the way people shop online:

The importance of computer vision in e-commerce

1. Image search
2. Personalized product recommendations
3. Digital asset management
4. Background remover

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Let's get started with the importance of computer vision in e-commerce.

Why Is Computer Vision Important for E-Commerce?

Computer vision and e-commerce are a few things that are a natural fit.

Computer vision is essential to improving the online shopping experience because so much of it is based on high-quality images uploaded by stores and customers.

Online marketplaces use computer vision to quickly match shoppers with items that meet their needs and check the images uploaded by sellers to ensure the products sold are of good quality. Therefore, shoppers can feel secure in their purchases when they know they are being offered products that best suit their needs.

Computer vision is also essential for e-commerce because it can automate tasks that used to be done by hand. This can help businesses keep customers and save money.

As we understand why computer vision is important for online shopping, let's see how you can improve your e-commerce business and provide a better online shopping experience for your customers with computer vision applications.

The Use Cases of Computer Vision In E-Commerce

E-commerce businesses can use computer vision for image search, product recommendations, tagging and captioning images in marketplaces, removing backgrounds, and managing digital assets.

Image Search in E-Commerce

As a result of advancements in computer vision, image search has made online shopping a more pleasant experience for customers.

62% of research participants in generations Z and millennials said they would like to use visual search.

Customers may only sometimes know the correct keywords to find exactly what they're looking for. Here is where image search emerges. You can quickly find what you're looking for by uploading an image to the search bar. The option to upload a picture saves online sellers a lot of time because it lets them quickly find items with similar features.

This helps e-marketplaces speed up the process of directing customers in the right direction. Additionally, it enables improved product discovery for customers.

Computer vision has made online shopping simpler for customers. Many companies, including Amazon and eBay, are running tests on the technology. Now, with the help of computer vision, you can quickly and easily find similar products on e-commerce websites by simply taking a photo of the product you're interested in.

As a result, online businesses that are most prepared for image searches will continue to lead the pack.

If you want to become one of them, we recommend you check out Cameralyze's computer vision solutions! By embracing computer vision technologies, you can create a next-level customer experience in the e-commerce world. Cameralyze provides you with all these solutions on a single platform, and you can try them for free!

E-Commerce Product Recommendation

There are important ways to use computer vision in e-commerce. The hottest trend in e-commerce around the world is product recommendation. For analyzing the online behaviors of hundreds of millions of users, computer vision algorithms for e-commerce and processing massive volumes of data are used. You can develop customer-or group-specific product recommendations based on this data.

A survey by Accenture found that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember them and give them relevant suggestions and offers.

So, customers are primarily interested in the cheapest or most relevant items that match their search. On the other hand, online stores want to find ways to sell more products to those who visit their websites. As you can see, everyone benefits from product recommendations.

Product recommendations are a tool that can show customers products that are similar to what they have already looked for. Pattern-matching algorithms can analyze e-commerce customers' actions to determine what factors lead to helpful suggestions.

It can be helpful in a variety of situations.

For instance, some people visit your website and look for random products. At this point, you can turn them into customers by suggesting products they might like. Those who go into a store with a specific product can be shown various options for that product. Further, you may boost sales by upselling related items to customers who have already made up their minds.

Cameralyze's image recognition models can be helpful if you are looking for product recommendations for your e-commerce shop. This technology can help your e-commerce business with consumer statistics and customized search results.

Image Tagging in E-Commerce

Since the digital world is so visually oriented, we must rely on quick visual searches to make sense of it. Businesses and customers in today's digital world want fast and accurate ways to search for photos using textual signals like keywords. Image tagging serves as a tool for this purpose since it allows for the labeling and tagging of images to help with this process.

Image tagging software will automatically add tags based on what is in the image once the assets have been imported. The image tagging technology streamlines the process of locating images using keywords and keeps collections organized for quick access. When a customer searches your website or an employee searches your database for an image, properly tagged images make the search process quick and straightforward for both parties.

Furthermore, productivity in online stores can be boosted by using image tagging. Since e-commerce image tagging removes the manual fashion tagging procedure, store managers, brand owners, and employees have more time to devote to other tasks.

Instead of recruiting additional people to handle everything, they can put their efforts into increasing their marketing, on-demand customer support, and store operations.

Cameralyze Image Tagging

Cameralyze's AI-based image tagging solution correctly identifies and tags the product attributes, leading to accurate and robust search results. This API for tagging images and videos with relevant keywords and text is driven by artificial intelligence.

Do you want to know more about how Cameralyze image tagging works? Let's go behind the scenes and explore how this technology works now!

Image Tagging in Digital Asset Management

About 45% of small and medium-sized businesses in the US do not keep track of their inventory or do it manually. One of the main goals of e-commerce companies is to have a clean product catalog that meets industry standards.

Using product catalog pictures and exact product tags, retail stores can keep track of orders, find out which brands are the most popular, find and get rid of rarely bought items, and keep their stock under control.

When companies try to integrate product data from different sources, they encounter a difficult issue: duplicate product records. Since a product can be described in many ways, it is hard to find duplicate product records using other words, images, and attributes.

At this point, computer vision comes into play!

Image tagging allows e-commerce businesses to search and find images quickly and easily in image repositories of any size. This helps online stores keep images on hand to use in different marketing campaigns and departments. Because it stores all of its pictures in one location, image tagging software is a massive help for catalog management.

Product image tags will put products into groups based on their name, design, style, color, and other factors. They can be added if more product tags are needed to keep the catalog up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. These marks will significantly impact people's buying decisions, giving them more information about attribute-level sales analytics.

Background Remover in E-Commerce

Background removal is vital for e-commerce businesses. A grainy, low-resolution photo without foreground-background contrast is hard to discern. Online customers might think your product is high-end or made of premium materials with background removal.

Having professionally edited product images gives your target buyers more confidence and a better impression of the quality and reliability of your product, which leads to more sales.

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A computer vision platform, such as Cameralyze, can support you in increasing your online sales conversions by providing a simple, fast, and cost-effective option for generating attractive and high-quality images for your eCommerce website.

Cameralyze Background Remover

Cameralyze saves you time and money by removing the background and improving the raw image of your product. This lets you concentrate on more crucial tasks to develop your online business and spend more time with your customers.

Bottom Line

In this article, we talked about how computer vision can be helpful for the competitive e-commerce world and online shoppers. Online retailers can make all the hard work more manageable and automated thanks to computer vision.

To improve your online business, you should consider the computer vision-based e-commerce solutions Cameralyze offers. With Cameralyze, you can use solutions to add labels to images, duplicate image analysis, and do a visual search.

With Cameralyze's more than a hundred pre-built solutions, you can easily change your image library to meet your company's changing needs. With this no-code platform, you can handle millions of images using automated image tagging and improve the quality of your product photos using background remover. Sign up to try it now!

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