6 Human Detection Applications in Surveillance
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6 Human Detection Applications in Surveillance

In this article, we will examine the surveillance functions of human detection applications.
Rabia Gül
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6 Human Detection Applications in Surveillance

Many of the technologies we use today have emerged from the need for security and control. Or the use of different technologies developed in security and inspection has been prioritized. 

Artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies are also being used effectively for security and surveillance. These technologies are vital for your security, business security, and national security.

In this article, we will take a look at what "human detection" technology, one of the computer vision-based artificial intelligence technologies, is and how it is used for surveillance.

Definition of Human Detection

Before we look at how and where human detection is used for surveillance, let's take a look at what the human detection function is. Human detection is the localization of all people present on an image, video, or surveillance footage by artificial intelligence. Videos can be recorded or live.

Human detection is a type of object detection. These two functions work in principle the same. Just like object detection, the algorithm detects the object in the image and/or video. It separates it from the background and encloses the detected object in a rectangle.

Once the object - in this case, a human - has been located, the object is classified according to the data/tags previously fed to the algorithm. In human detection, the class is "human."

Human detection is a very difficult form of object detection. This is because people come in many different shapes, forms, and colors. People can also move in many different ways. In order for the algorithm to be able to detect moving people, it needs to learn all these possible motions. For human detection algorithms to work well, they need to be fed with a huge amount of visual data.

Detection consists of two stages. The first stage is the identification of the object (human). The second stage is the classification of the object (human). Detection can be done according to the difference in light, color, and texture. The most common method is separation from the background.

After detection, classification is made as we mentioned. For example, in object detection, if the algorithm is trained to distinguish between cats and dogs, it classifies cats and dogs in the image/video. Cats are labeled as "cats" and dogs are labeled as "dogs". People in any image are also classified and labeled as "human" when they are detected.

Human Detection Applications

Human detection applications can serve many different purposes. For example, people detection apps can be used for people counting. It is the first stage of human recognition. It can be used in the retail sector.

One of the most important uses of people detection applications is for security and surveillance purposes. Here we can examine the places where the human detection application is used for observation purposes.

1- People Movement Analysis

This is a very important feature. It can be used to detect human movement and to predict the route of pedestrians. The detection of human movements is also very important for the prediction of human movements.

2- Person Recognition

Human recognition or face recognition is an advanced function of human detection. Once people are detected by the algorithm, the algorithm scans their faces and analyzes their characteristics. This information is then compared with databases and a match is sought.

3- Weapon Detection

This function requires human detection and object detection functions to work together. Artificial intelligence first detects people. Once people are detected and located, the algorithm detects weapons or other dangerous objects on the people.

This can be considered a very complex process and the algorithms need to be extremely well prepared. 

4- Human Behavior Understanding

People's behavior patterns must become analyzable and predictable with the help of artificial intelligence. This function combines human detection and human tracking. For example, it analyzes behaviors such as where people go or where they look inside a shop.

5- Work Safety

One of the most effective uses of human detection applications for surveillance purposes is occupational safety. For this purpose, human detection and object detection algorithms work together to determine whether workers are wearing protective equipment.

6- Gender Identification

Gender detection is one of the most interesting areas where human detection is used in surveillance. Here AI detects the gender of individuals in an image. This function is widely used in the retail sector for consumer profile analysis.

Importance of Human Detection in Surveillance

Human detection is crucial for surveillance. Thanks to the human detection functions, you can ensure your security 24/7 and at the same time get business development analysis. Human detection is one of the most important areas where technology will benefit you and it is extremely important to integrate it into your business.

Human detection and object detection algorithms can ensure your security. These algorithms are not just about recording a place or people. They are also used for very important purposes such as whether the people in the image or video are carrying any dangerous weapons, analyzing their movements, analyzing their age and gender, recognizing their faces so that is, identifying them and of course counting them. Human detection applications are shaped by needs and can be shaped by your needs. They can be used for security purposes, for business development, or simply for statistics and analysis.

Human detection applications can also be used for your business development and safety processes. For example, as a shop owner, you can have important statistics such as the gender and age of the customers coming to your shop with human detection algorithms. In this way, you can develop your business in accordance with your customer profile.

 Another important area is occupational safety. As we have mentioned before, the use of occupational safety equipment by employees can be continuously monitored and necessary precautions can be taken thanks to human detection applications.

Cameralyze Human Detection for Surveillance

Cameralyze is a no-code artificial intelligence solutions platform. The platform also provides human detection solutions. Moreover, it allows you to benefit from artificial intelligence technologies with its user-friendly interface without the need to develop any algorithms or even technical knowledge.

Cameralyze human detection solutions work in real-time. This allows you to use people detection algorithms even in live video and ensures that your data is continuously processed and made useful.

With the Cameralyze human detection application, you will easily find the solution. It requires no effort or training. You only need to create an account to use the app. You also get results quickly. So you can improve your business and security with effective, economical, and quick results.

Don't forget to check out our other solutions as we review Cameralyze human detection applications. Solutions such as content moderation, barcode detection, object detection, face detection, face blurring and much more are waiting for you at Cameralyze.


Human detection applications are extremely effective and important developments. It is extremely important to utilize these applications for both security and profit. As technology evolves, so does what is needed for everyday life and survival. Your business development processes and security, like many other things, are now digitalized.

Although it can be difficult and time-consuming to use or produce human detection applications, the Cameralyze no-code artificial intelligence platform provides you with the fast and effective solution you need.

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