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6 Most Popular People Counting Use Cases

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at 6 application areas where the people counting system is used frequently in 2022 and guide you on how to create your own People Counting Application from scratch in minutes on the Cameralyze platform.
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6 Most Popular People Counting Use Cases

When the power of technology was not yet fully discovered, people counting was done manually by an employee positioned at the entrances and with a people counting device (also known as a footstep counter) such as a hand click.

With the advancement of technology, deep learning algorithms are now used in people counting systems to identify and track specific people in real-time video captured by ubiquitous, low-cost security cameras. Novel deep-learning algorithms ensure high accuracy in both indoor and outdoor scenes.

However, the people counter, also known as an electronic device used to measure the number of people passing through a particular door or entrance or the number of people in the room, in parallel with the cutting-edge technology, you can now use the application from scratch on a no-code platform without having to purchase an extra tool for people counting technology. You can create and integrate the People Counting Application with one click of your camera. 

We have good news for you if you are looking for a people counting solution! You can try Cameralyze People Counting for free now.

Let's take a closer look at which areas the people counting system can be used.

Cameralyze People Counting

People Counting Application Use Cases in 2022

Here are the most popular people counting use cases:

1- Retail Chains

In real-time, entries and exits can be tracked within the store to optimize staffing and measure the success of marketing or promotional campaigns. In order to keep the areas clean and attractive to shoppers, heavy traffic areas can be identified where employees need extra attention. 

The long-term benefits of using a people counting system are that it can assess key visitor numbers and customer distribution across multiple departments or areas of interest. You can also reallocate staff, receptionists, or customer service representatives to increase staff/customer engagement. You can monitor and manage low-traffic departments and interests to uncover potential points of lack of interest and shape future marketing or promotional campaigns.

Try the  Cameralyze people counting application to analyze and monitor these important processes for your business.

2- Convenience Stores

In real-time use, it allows you to monitor occupancy for compliance with network regulations (such as COVID-19) or the maximum occupancy rate set by fire regulations. Accordingly, you can temporarily restrict access to new customers.

In long-term use, you can monitor peak and slow times to schedule and adjust according to opening hours, time of day, seasons, events, or other periodic events and get an overall view and analysis of your intensity. You can use roadmap visualizations to track where customers go when they arrive and adjust in-store and out-of-store displays for better marketing, product placement, or security.

Human Detection and People Counting

3- Restaurants

With the real-time people counting system, you can use the pedestrian count to measure the need to call more employees if there is an unexpected customer increase. To determine the reasons and possible causes of the rise, you can compare the number of pedestrians in the last few days and analyze.

On the other hand, long-term use helps you consistently staff levels or hires based on past foot traffic and determine when temporary hires may be necessary. However, you can also use people counters in the kitchen to optimize the use of chef stations and reduce the time it takes to ship orders.

4- Showrooms

You can monitor employee activity based on human traffic patterns and waiting times in real-time usage. You can increase your efficiency by having the chance to redistribute your employees according to the number of customers and bottlenecks.

In long-term use, one of the contributions of the people counting system to your business will be determining which showroom items attract more visitors. You can discover popular showroom areas by analyzing the application outputs and adjusting the product placement accordingly. It also allows you to evaluate employee effectiveness by comparing customers' wait times and individual sales conversions.

5- Smart City / Outdoors Venues 

With real-time usage, you can monitor traffic patterns to prevent overcrowded public places by proactively sending park workers to these places. The second advantage is that it allows you to decide on/off the access points to eliminate bottlenecks. Moreover, you can automatically schedule social media messages through corporate accounts to inform customers about possible waiting times and increase their satisfaction rates.

You can analyze outdoor visitor trends at parks, recreational facilities, and hiking trails overtime during certain weather conditions or outdoor activities. You can improve occupancy statistics and trail usage to determine when to change hiking trails or other outdoor facilities to prevent overuse. You can compare and analyze people's traffic to local retail and businesses in the area, use the data to monitor occupational health, and partner with municipality and local business development groups to look at attendance during special events.

Pro Tip: It is possible to use people counting solutions so that you can use many types of cases like those mentioned above in your business immediately without the need for extra equipment. Discover Cameralyze People Counting Solution now!

6- Airports

Using real-time people counting system, you can monitor changes in traveler densities on critical roads or bottlenecks or authorize management to redirect pedestrian traffic. In addition, you can strengthen staff distribution to alleviate densities.

In the long-term scenario, you can efficiently analyze historical data to predict traffic patterns (daily, weekly, seasonal) for more accurate budgeting and staffing needs. On the other hand, it supports expansion proposals for heavily used access and traffic points, ensuring that needs are met by anticipating real needs.

People Counting System

How to create a people counting system with Cameralyze

Cameralyze is a no-code platform that contains hundreds of AI-based components. The platform allows you to build your own application from scratch using these AI-based components. You do not need to know technical knowledge to create your own application. 

- When you look at their website, you will see the people counting solution page in the solutions section. 

As stated on the landing page, there is already a people counting application already created. When you click the button, it directs you directly to the platform. The biggest plus is that you can register on the platform in seconds with your e-mail address and password to try the application.

People Counting Application with no-code

When you come to the Explore page on the left menu of the platform, you will see that the  People Counting Application is ready to use. 

Fields that need to be entered in the application already give warnings automatically. The reason for  this warning is that there are two values ​​the platform request you to enter.

However, instead of using ready-to-use application, let's examine the People Counting Application created from scratch on the Cameralyze no-code platform.

Cameralyze Pre-Built Applications

1. After you log in to the platform, a screen like the one as above will appear. All you have to do here is to click the "New Application" button.

CCTV Connection with Cameralyze

2. After clicking, the program containing AI components will appear. As the first step of this platform, the option where you can get the most efficient visual flow using the People Counting System is to connect your CCTV. After naming your CCTV and entering the RTSP value, you complete the first step.

Building People Counting Application

3. The second step is to set up the People Counting System; you should first select the    Human Detection AI Component to detect Persons. After determining the Confidence value, you quickly complete the second step! 

Add Counting Action

4. Our next step is to add the Counting action to the application since we want the build application to detect people and then count them. 

Adding Slack as a Result

5. Our final step is to choose where you want to send the results of the application. There are many third-party integrations such as Slack and Spreadsheet. For the result of this app, I choose to save it to Slack.

Preview People Counting App

Pro Tip: Want to make sure of how your app works? Before saving the application, you can view how your application works by clicking the "Preview" button! In addition, if you want to share the application you built with one of your team, you can click the "Share" button and then copy the link and send it to them.

By following the steps above, you can create People Counting System, Object Detection, and many more AI-based applications from the Cameralyze platform in minutes. Just click here to get started.

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