9 Youtube Description Best Practices 2024
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9 Youtube Description Best Practices 2024

Learn how to create effective YouTube video descriptions for improved viewer engagement and higher search ranking. Includes tips on call-to-action, affiliate links, tagging, time codes, and more.
Ufuk Dag
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Do you want to know the best way to use your YouTube video descriptions to skyrocket your views and revenue? Well, today, I'm sharing some tips, and I've got a handy template for you to use in your descriptions too. Plus, I'm going to show you how to set things up, so your video descriptions always stand out when you upload on YouTube.

You've probably noticed that on YouTube, the video description doesn’t show up in full. At first glance, only a couple of lines are visible, and you need to click 'more' to see the entire description. That’s why the top two lines are very crucial.

Here are some best practices to make your video description more effective:

The first line should describe what your video is all about. Try to include words that people commonly search for on YouTube and Google. This strategy will help your video rank higher in search results.

Coming to the second line, it's your ticket to earning more money on YouTube. How so? By incorporating your call to action or your monetization plan into it. Make sure to include the link to your website, sales funnel, or specific affiliate links here. Remember, many viewers don't bother to click 'more,' so it's best to put your most important links right up top.

A pro tip here - during your video, let your viewers know about an Amazon affiliate link or another video they might want to watch, situated in the description. Encouraging them to hit 'more' not only gives them access to your description, full of links and ways to collaborate, but it also increases your engagement.

Next, in your description, suggest another video for your viewers to watch. Ensure it’s the same as the one suggested for the end card of your video. This move aids in increasing your channel views. The aim is to keep your viewers hooked to your content, video after video. So, be sure to indicate clearly which video they should watch next.

Moreover, adding all your affiliate links about the gear you use for your videos is another smart move. This inclusion provides your audience with knowledge about your recommended video, audio, and lighting equipment, which also lends to your passive income.

Now, you might not have a second YouTube channel or podcast, but promoting one can turn out to be very fruitful. YouTube has this cool feature where just by using '@' and tagging the podcast or secondary YouTube channel, viewers can easily navigate to it. It looks neat and organized, eliminating the need for long links.

Don’t forget to mention in your description ways in which viewers can further engage with you - by purchasing a book, attending your free class, or booking a consulting call. This strategy allows them to support your channel and work.

Social media links are essential. So, include in your ‘connect’ section links to your Instagram or other platforms. Encourage your viewers to leave their queries in the comments section. It not only prompts engagement but also provides you insights into creating the right content.

Do you get asked often about the music in your videos? I do! So, I make sure to include an affiliate link in my description for viewers interested in knowing about the music I use.

Following that is a disclaimer, very important if you have affiliate, especially Amazon affiliate, links in your description. It should inform your viewers that while the video is not sponsored, some product links are affiliate links.

You also might want to arrange your time codes or chapters at the end, followed by your chosen hashtags. It is even better if all your videos with a particular creator can be navigated through a specific hashtag.

Adding a few lines about what your video is about at the very end will help YouTube understand your content better, making it more likely to recommend your video to the right kind of audience. Finally, you can place another disclaimer at the end, if needed.

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