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Age & Gender Detection: Top Use Cases

In this article, we will look at the benefits of age & gender detection for our business. How can we use it, and what is the best way the start using it?
Rabia Gül
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Age and gender detection are the determination of the age and gender of the people in an image or video. This process allows essential data to be obtained and used very effectively in business development processes.

This blog will look at the use cases of age and gender detection.

How Does Age & Gender Detection AI Work?

Artificial intelligence-based face analyzed technologies have gained serious importance. The most important factor underlying the popularity of these technologies is that they can be used very effectively in business life. Thanks to these technologies, such as customer segmentation, product development, and business diary have all become improvable. The most widely used artificial intelligence technologies based on face analysis are age detection and face gender detection technologies. These technologies provide highly effective online and physical store solutions, marketing methods, service improvement, and product development. Let's take a look at how these technologies work.

First of all, it should be noted that face gender detection and age detection are not easy tasks, and such tasks are complex even for us humans. While even two people of the same age and gender can look completely different from each other, it is a significant development that machines can successfully make these identifications. For example, long hair is an appearance trait usually associated with women, but this is not typically the case. Therefore, it is a complex process for technologies to make the correct detection.

The basis of age detection and gender detection ai in such applications is face detection technology. After artificial intelligence determines the faces in the image, it analyzes the gender and age of these faces and allows you to obtain statistics.

These are highly sophisticated algorithms and extremely difficult to use. In order to be able to perform such complex tasks and to make correct identifications, the algorithm needs to be trained with very large datasets. Today, Deep Learning algorithms are widely used for this, but companies such as Microsoft also develop software for these processes. The common side of this software is that it requires detailed knowledge, which means time and budget. On the other hand,web-based artificial intelligence solutions such as Cameraylze are at your side to meet the needs of your business. Cameralyze Age and Gender Solutions not only allows you to create your application from the no-code platform in minutes but also includes many third-party integrations to integrate it into your system. You can try here.

Online demo for Age & Gender Detection

If you wish to try out Age & Gender Detection, there is no need for installation. Simply upload an image below to test it out. However, if you plan on using it for your demo or production, you will need an API key to access it. To obtain your API key, register on the platform.

These web-based technologies can provide you with detailed analyses, for example:
· Babys
· Children
· Young Adults
· Old People

Age & Gender Detection with Cameralyze

The faces of all these age groups may develop differently. For example, algorithm children have upward-facing corners of the mouth, while individuals in their 20s tend to have drooping corners of the mouth. On the other hand, while jaw lines are not sharp in children, they are sharp in young adults and middle-aged people.

In this way, you can get accurate statistics about your customers. After determining which age group and gender prefer your business, you can develop your products and services accordingly. For example, if women mostly prefer your business but can not attract the right age group to your business, you can improve your business with statistics on this.

How to Build Demographic Analysis App with Cameralyze?

Cameralyze Age and Gender Detection

As seen in the example above, it is possible to create your application in only 3 steps. For the first step, choose the place where you will provide data flow to the application, choose the application type age and gender in the second step, and finally, choose the platform where you want to save the outputs of the application. Everything is that simple with Cameralyze. Try Now!

Where is Age & Gender Detection AI Used?

Age detection and gender detection ai have many different uses. For example, in-store and front-of-shop age detection and gender detection are very effective even in retail businesses. By using these technologies, businesses can identify customer segments, change or develop marketing strategies according to this segment, and change their product range.

For example, some software can detect the age range of users passing by a business and suggest advertisements that will affect this age range. It is possible to use age detection and gender detection not only for sales purposes but also for security purposes because algorithms can make more accurate age and gender determinations than humans.

The only negative aspect of these algorithms is that they have extremely complex work principles, as mentioned above, and they also require large data sets. This means a loss of both time and money. If you cannot find specialists in the field, it is challenging to learn all these technologies. In addition, software developed in this regard can be highly costly.

On the other hand, web-based artificial intelligence platforms such as Cameralyze allow you to improve your business without requiring high costs and intensive knowledge. You do not need any technology background to use Cameralyze; thanks to its user-friendly interface, completing all your work using only the "drag and drop" feature is possible.

How Can Businesses Use Age & Gender Detection AI for Their Benefits?  

Age and gender detection is essential for authentication, human-computer interaction, behavior analysis, product recommendation based on user preferences, and many other areas. Many companies needed age and gender data capture, but few solutions were available. Significant developments have been made in the past few years to meet this need. In the last decade, artificial intelligence classification systems have been used instead of manual classification systems for age and gender detection. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the success rate of solving the problem has increased.

Age detection: Age detection can be used to place ads in the types of media most consumed by your target audience.

Gender detection: Gender detection can be used to determine whether a social media platform is more likely to show your product to men or women.

Age and Gender Detection

Therefore, why are age and gender detection so essential, and what advantages does it bring to companies? Companies use demographic information (age and gender information) to help them understand the characteristics of the people who buy their products and services. By detecting age and gender information, you will now be able to find out what kind of customers your brand appeals to. You can also use this information to attract new customers to your brand. With the right age and gender data, you can market more to your customers and stop spending to reach those who are not interested. In short, gender and age detection will make your brand stand out from your competitors and enable you to get more customers.

Companies may use age and gender detection for the following purposes:

· Understand what products and services different customer groups want and can afford.

· Target marketing campaigns more precisely and thus reduce the cost per lead or sale.

·  Identify how society is changing and how they need to adapt.

As you can see, age and gender detection technologies can be significant for your business. Using these technologies makes investing and developing your business at many different levels possible. If you want to take advantage of the possibilities of technology to make a suitable investment in your business, you can start using Cameralyze! Cameralyze is an AI-Based platform that you can perform face gender recognition online.

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