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Introducing Simplifying AI integration for developers and businesses, making AI accessible and easy to implement.
Ufuk Dag
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At Cameralyze, we firmly believe in the power of AI. Our journey began in 2019 with a mission to provide accessible computer vision solutions to our customers, enabling them to effortlessly monitor and extract valuable data from the physical world. Little did we know that AI would emerge as an even greater force during the pandemic, proving to be an invaluable aid to people worldwide.

As we entered 2022, we realized that our mission had expanded beyond computer vision alone. We recognized the need to democratize the AI space and make it accessible to everyone. We envisioned a world where AI could be simplified, allowing individuals and businesses to harness its potential without unnecessary complexity at hyper-scale. The opportunity we identified in 2019 has only grown stronger over time.

With over 30 million developers and hundreds of millions of applications across web, mobile, and edge platforms, implementing AI in existing and new apps can be a daunting task. That's why we are thrilled to introduce—an innovative platform designed to make AI integration simple and accessible for all. serves as a hub for you (the app developers and product teams). Describe your use cases and effortlessly discover AI models that align with your specific needs. Once you've found the perfect fit, our platform provides a simple API request to seamlessly access and integrate the chosen AI model into your application. It's like plugging AI capabilities directly into your apps, enabling you to unlock their full potential.

Moving forward, we are committed to our vision of simplifying AI and making it accessible to all. With, we aim to empower developers, businesses, and individuals to leverage AI effortlessly, enhancing their products and services with cutting-edge intelligence.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of AI democratization. Stay connected with us and follow our LinkedIn company page for the latest updates, insights, and announcements. Together, let's shape a future where AI is simple, accessible, and transformative.

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