How Facial Recognition Is Used in The World
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How Facial Recognition Is Used in The World

In this article, we will take a detailed look at facial recognition technologies. We will learn about a wide range of different uses of the technology and how to use it.
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How Facial Recognition Is Used in The World

Facial recognition is one of the most frequently used computer vision-based artificial intelligence technologies and plays an extremely important role even in our daily lives. The areas where facial recognition systems are used range from simple things like unlocking cell phones to important purposes like building trust across the globe for national and private security purposes.  

This vast area of application has made facial recognition technologies highly demanded and frequently used as new technology. In this article, we will take a look at how facial recognition technologies are used and how in practice, they work, as well as how they are being used around the world.

Why Should Be Facial Recognition Used

If you remember the action movies of the 2000s, you'll remember a time when facial recognition applications seemed like something from the distant future. Today, however, this is not the case at all; facial recognition systems have become a part of our daily lives. Many of us use this technology  to unlock our cell phones.

While unlocking a cell phone is the simplest example of facial recognition technology, let's take a look at how facial recognition technology works and why it should be used. First, let's take a simple look at the working principle of this technology.

Face recognition applications and face recognition systems are artificial intelligence-based technologies. Although this technology is a technology that works on its own, algorithms that detect faces reach the result by following certain steps. These steps are simpler computer vision functions that enable face recognition, a highly complex task. Simply, let's list the steps that make facial recognition technology possible: 

Face Detection

In the first step, the algorithms locate the human face or faces in the image. 

While face detection is the first step in face recognition, it is an algorithm in its own right that needs to be well designed and fed with quality data. Face detection is a very important technology and provides many effective uses in different fields. For a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to familiarize yourself with face detection technologies without the need to create your own systems, you can visit Cameralyze's AI-Based Face Detection page.

Face Analysis

The next step is to analyze the located face. In this step, the programs analyze the characteristics of your face. There are some highlights here, such as the distance between your eyes, the shape of your lips, the distance from your forehead to your chin, the shape of your cheekbones, your ear structure, and the shape of your eye sockets.

Image to Data Conversion

In this step, the detections made about your face are converted into digital information, i.e., data. The algorithm's analysis of your face is processed as mathematical formulas.

Match Finding

In this step, the detected face is compared with other faces in a database, and a match is sought. For example, Facebook has an identity database of tagged photos. This information can be shared if necessary.

Now you have a general idea of how facial recognition technologies work. Now let's look at a few important points about why this technology should be used. 

As we mentioned earlier in our article, facial recognition technologies are highly preferred and utilized technologies. Among many biometric technologies, it is the most natural technology that can be used. Just as we humans recognize each other by our faces, it is quite natural for us machines to do the same.

So, back to the original question: How are facial recognition technologies effective?

  • Protect your business from theft and fraud

Business owners can use images of suspicious people and facial recognition systems to match theft and criminal information in their databases. In addition, artificial intelligence-based object recognition-based technologies can easily identify stolen products and/or objects. For more detailed information about artificial intelligence-based object recognition, you can check out the Cameralyze blog post.

  • Finding missing or wanted people

Facial recognition technologies work very fast and can identify people through photos/videos or security camera footage. This allows missing or wanted people to be found.

  • Preventing identity theft

Facial recognition technology can prevent identity theft in a highly effective way. Without the need for time-consuming processes such as fingerprinting and matching, the scan is finalized using a live image of a person.

As such, it is possible to use facial recognition technology in your business for many purposes, especially against crime and theft. While this application provides you with increased security, it will also help you easily solve problems and keep evidence at hand.

Facial Recognition Applications in Different Countries of The World

Technology is not spreading everywhere in the world at the same speed. Some countries adopt some technologies quickly and use them for a long time, others are constantly interested in new developments, and many others prefer more traditional approaches. The question of how new technologies are used in different countries around the world is, therefore, an important one. 

Similarly, facial recognition technology is used in many different countries for different purposes and at different speeds. In this section, we will take a look at which countries and in which sectors the technology is being used.

  • Among the 99 countries around the world where studies are being carried out, only six countries do not use facial recognition technologies. In other words, it is statistically possible to say that face recognition systems are widely used worldwide.
  • 7 out of 10 governments are using facial recognition technology on a large scale for national security purposes.
  • In 70% of the 99 countries where data was collected, police have access to facial recognition systems.
  • 40% of these countries use facial recognition technologies and facial recognition applications in the workplace.
  • More than 40% of these countries used facial recognition technologies during the pandemic to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So which countries use facial recognition technologies the most, and for what purposes do they mostly use this technology?

China is one of the most effective users of facial recognition systems. In the country, facial recognition applications are mostly used for observation purposes. Even in schools in China, this technology is used effectively, and the grades of students who appear distracted are affected.

Likewise, in Russia, facial recognition technologies are used for surveillance. It is known that facial recognition systems have been used to identify protesters, especially during the protests in recent months.

Japan is using its citizens' visual data on social media and facial recognition applications to track criminals. The country has a facial recognition database with the faces of around 10 million Japanese citizens.

Australian police use Clearview, a highly controversial facial recognition app. The app is controversial because it gets its data from people's social media accounts. For this reason, although facial recognition technologies are popular, the app has been banned in several countries.

Spain uses facial recognition technologies, especially in schools. One of the main reasons for using facial recognition technologies in schools is that the systems can detect emotions and work on students who appear inattentive. Facial recognition technologies are also used to monitor the surroundings of schools for the safety of students.

Although facial recognition technologies are used for different purposes in many countries around the world, they are currently used by governments mostly for national security purposes. Let's take a look at how facial recognition technologies are used in which industries.

Banks actively use facial recognition technologies in their mobile applications. In this way, there is no need for a password, security problems are eliminated, and someone who is not you is prevented from entering your bank account.


In the healthcare sector, facial recognition technologies are being used to improve patient care. Facial recognition technologies facilitate the registration of patients, while at the same time, pain and pain levels can be detected from facial expressions. Newly developed applications can check whether patients are taking their medication. In addition, the future of facial recognition applications plays an important role in the detection of genetic diseases.


Facial recognition technologies are also being used effectively in marketing. Facial expressions and reactions are measured to analyze how people react to products. At the same time, media organizations use facial recognition technologies to measure how viewers react to their content.

Education and Work

We mentioned above that facial recognition technologies are being used to measure students' attention levels, especially in China. In other countries around the world, facial recognition technologies are also used to determine the attendance of students and employees.


Facial recognition technologies can be used for many different purposes in the retail sector. The first of these is to prevent thefts. Thanks to face recognition systems, suspicious people can be detected. At the same time, facial recognition technology in the retail sector can also be used to improve customer experience. 

The technology can measure customer satisfaction from facial expressions. For detailed information about facial recognition technologies in the retail sector, you can take a look at Cameralyze's blog post on Artificial Intelligence Based Emotion Recognition Technologies.


According to some recent reports, car companies are developing lock systems with facial recognition technology that will replace car keys. The technology could replace not only keys but also memorize driver preferences.

Cameralyze's Facial Recognition

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Facial recognition technologies are used quite effectively in many sectors and countries. Technologies can be used for security purposes as well as health, marketing, and advertising. Although facial recognition technologies are as complex as other AI-based technologies, there are easy ways to use them (see Cameralyze). You can use facial recognition technologies to improve your business or feel safe.

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