One Secret to Reach 1M Views
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One Secret to Reach 1M Views

Learn how to generate millions of views on your social media content with controversial hooks and cover images. Gain insights on how top creators leverage these strategies for success.
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You might think hitting 1M views is a feat reserved for top influencers. Guess what? You can too! Scaling the dizzy heights of social media stardom may feel like climbing Everest barefoot but trust me, there's a secret recipe that's been working for all - from Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, to TikTok! And I'm about to spill the beans.

Not very long ago, I was a novice much like you. The breakthrough came when I understood the role of a controversial hook and making my cover image as eye-catching as possible. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. This potent combo is the reason why some people shoot to overnight fame, racking up views by the millions. Now, it's your turn.

In this blog you will learn:

1. Why controversial hooks and cover images so important?

2. How Top Creators Are Using These Hooks and Cover Images to Rake in Millions of Views?

3. How to generate unique and remarkable cover images?

4. How to use AI to write a great hook?

Let’s jump right in!

Why Controversial Hooks and cover images are so important?

In today's digital age, getting noticed means venturing into uncharted territory. The secret is not about shocking people, rather being audacious enough to make a statement that differs from the crowd.

The potency of premier hooks lies in their ability to incite curiosity and stimulate opinions. The anticipation of whether they concur with your views or not, is enough to make viewers click on your video, thereby increasing watch time and views.

But, getting those few initial seconds of their attention is where the challenge lies. The first elements in an infinite scroll environment are the image and the hook. As I learnt from my experience, we are provided with merely 5 to 8 seconds to make our impression.

Distinct Advantages of Optimal Hooks and Images:

1. They can significantly ramp up engagement levels. When you stir the pot, you present an opportunity for people to react, discuss and engage in conversations that boost comments.

2. Your content can reach higher dimensions. Since controversy initiates dialogues, your video has the potential to be shared more by viewers, thus increasing its visibility.

3. Your content stands out. By saying something unusual, you lift your content above the mediocre and avoid being lost in obscurity.

Therefore, it all boils down to this - accentuate your content with a captivating hook and cover image. These elements not only make you stand apart from the rest but also present a profound influence on viewer interest and interaction.

Now that you are equipped with the secret, why not hit the ground running and begin crafting those magnetic hooks and images. Remember, it's about saying something different, so dare to be brave and create an impact that others can follow!

How Top Creators Are Using These Hooks and Cover Images to Rake in Millions of Views?

We all know that creating a good controversial hook is a tight balancing act. Your objective is to set yourself apart, yet tread carefully to avoid the risk of cancellation. I echo the sentiment of many creators, as we tend to stick to tried-and-tested controversial hooks for one simple reason - they work.

Understand that a powerful hook is of prime importance to attract more views, but it doesn't stop there. The focus extends to your content and the cover image as well. I've seen many professionals, like DOAC, for instance, extensively use A/B testing and experiment with different hooks and cover image variants.

Advancement in technology also assists in this process, easing our brains from the intense task of fabricating hooks and images. Incorporating this approach spares us a great deal of mental exhaustion, enriching our creativity in other essential aspects of content creation.

To sum up, employing controversial hooks and cover images deliberately and judiciously can secure you a spot among top creators. But remember, combining these aspects with equally stellar content and executing professional practices like A/B testing can increase your chances exponentially.

Now that you've true-blue insider secrets at your disposal, why not rewrite your content strategy? Start experimenting and delve into the art of creating compelling hooks and images. Technology is here to assist, so why not make the best use of it and join the league of top creators. Your million views are just a strategy away!

How to generate unique and remarkable cover images?

Generating engaging visuals can be a bit tricky. For designers with expertise in Photoshop and other tools, their skills provide them an edge. But what about those who aren't as experienced?

There are several tools available, like Canva, which offer an array of templates to choose from. However, the challenge lies in their widespread use and the difficulty of selecting the one that best suits your needs. Like I previously suggested, A/B testing can be helpful, but the need to quickly land on an ideal cover image is paramount.

Enter, a game-changing tool that offers an AI Designer. With this at your disposal, you can effortlessly describe your needs and receive data-driven visuals without having to sift through numerous options. It not only saves you valuable time but also effectively reduces your costs.

In summary, creating unique and exceptional cover images is not reserved for the designer elite alone. With the right tools and approach, anyone can generate engaging visuals. The key is to leverages tools like to speed up the process and align with your specific needs.

Now it's your turn to step into the exciting world of creating unique cover images. Test out and discover how much easier and efficient your design process can be. Remember, getting those 1M views is closer than you think once you master the art of cover image creation!

How to use AI to write a great hook?

I want to warn you that AI can assist you in generating examples. You need to select one that fits your target. The prompt below will help you to explore different ideas for the hook.

How this prompt will help you:

1. By challenging the norm, each hook piques curiosity, making viewers want to watch your content and find out more.

2. Controversial topics naturally invite comments and discussions, boosting your video’s engagement metrics.

3. In a sea of similarity, a bold, controversial hook sets your content apart, making it more memorable and shareable.

The hook generating prompt:

I want you to write controversial hooks (goes against the status quo) to make my audience interested in stopping what they’re doing and watching my video.​
My video is about [CONTENT IDEA]​
This is my target audience [TARGET AUDIENCE]​
Below are 8 hook templates I want you to use. Write 2 controversial hooks for each structure that can be used for the video I’m creating and replace the [BRACKETS] in the hooks.​
Here are 8 hooked structures with an example for each:​
Hook 1:
[Target Audience] will never [Desired Result]
Millennials will never retire​
Hook 2:
[Realted to Niche] are dead
Agencies & SMMA’s are dead​
Hook 3:
Why 99% of [Target Audience] won’t …
Why 99% of marketers won’t make content consistently​
Hook 4:
This is why your [ACTION RELATED TO NICHE] isn’t working
This is why your marketing strategy isn’t working​
Hook 5:
No one has told you this yet but [Negative hook]
No one has told you this yet but Agencies are dead​
Hook 6:
The truth about [Your Topic] that nobody wants to admit
The truth about growing your business that nobody wants to admit​
Hook 7:
Why [Your Topic] might be the biggest lie of the century.
Why doing cardio to lose weight might be the biggest lie of the century.​
Hook 8:
Unpopular opinion about [YOUR TOPIC] that might just be right
Unpopular opinion about running that might just be right

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