How to Grow on Instagram Organically in 2024: 4 Must-Try Instagram Strategies
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How to Grow on Instagram Organically in 2024: 4 Must-Try Instagram Strategies

Discover how to organically grow your Instagram audience in 2024. Learn from four key strategies: Powerful Carousel Utilization, Instagram SEO Hacks, Data-Driven Success, and Meaningful Connections.
Ufuk Dag
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Do you wish to boost your Instagram following but don't know where to start? Don't worry, I'm here to help with four Instagram strategies that can gain you up to 900 followers daily in 2024. These strategies are simple to adopt, all you need to do is keep them in mind and get started.

That used to be me. Just a regular, everyday person, stumped by Instagram algorithms and wondering how to make my account explode in popularity. The confusion and frustration got the best of me, until I discovered a way. Four ways, to be precise, but no worries, I've got you covered.

Discover Carousel Power: The Surprisingly Simple Instagram Strategy That Can Drive Your 2024 Growth

The first one is surprisingly simple - utilizing carousels. Yes, the Instagram carousels. Many people sidestep this feature, not realizing their untapped potential. Here's the secret sauce: according to a study by Metricool, Instagram Reels' attention dipped while carousels took the limelight in 2023. I started crafting my own carousel storylines and watched my reach thrash previously intangible barriers. But wait, there's more! You can weave a narrative in your carousel by initially posting an alluring image to entice followers and continuing the chain with engaging videos.

A variation of this concept can be found on another popular platform: TikTok. Combining an intriguing storyline with a carousel, this method could hold the key to explosive growth on Instagram. I know this might sound over-optimistic, but take a look at a successful example of this method. The premise is a compelling story involving a Parisian anonymous note and a suspenseful reveal of a surprise date. These compelling micro-hooks ensure that people keep swiping to find out the conclusion, often leading to the user following the account to keep updated. We can see that storytelling, coupled with carousels, is a strategy worthy of consideration in 2024.

SEO on Instagram?

The second strategy, for those who like secrets: SEO. Before you sigh and scroll away, give it a try. There are two ways you can utilize SEO on Instagram: targeting common search terms with hashtags and aiding the recommendation algorithm. For the latter, try describing your video or post with as many relevant keywords and phrases as possible. Put this text in your post and reduce its size so that it's barely noticeable. These hidden keywords will help the recommendation algorithm find suitable audiences for your content. Trust me, this trick works wonders!

Data-Driven Instagram Success: How Understanding Your Analytics Can Boost Your Reach in 2024

The third strategy is the most basic yet overlooked: understand your data. Data is what sets apart hopeful marketing, merely publishing content and expecting results, from actual marketing, which relies on insights derived from your data. One of my clients, for instance, was stuck at a certain reach level despite having superior engaging content. A quick look at his analytics showed a relatively low average watch-time. We experimented by slowing down his videos, and voila! The average watch-time increased, and so did his reach. The moral here is to test various methods, track the data for each, and continue with what works best.

Meaningful Connections: The Key to Building A Loyal Instagram Fanbase in 2024

Lastly, but certainly not least, according to Instagram's 2024 trend report, you should aim to create meaningful connections with your audience. By doing so, you not only increase your chance of being noticed by Instagram's algorithm but also establish a loyal fanbase.

Bonus Tip: Create Quality Images

I know you claim to use quality images on Instagram, but sometimes it's challenging. You spend time creating quality content, yet you may not convey a clear message because you're not a graphic designer, and that's completely normal. Not every creator needs to be a graphic designer. We have a great suggestion for you: Plugger. It's an AI Graphic Designer that designs the best social media graphics for you.

Before giving any of these strategies a shot, I was in the same predicament as you - yearning for a follower boost. When I started implementing these, my follower count took off - and yours can too! Wrestle control over your Instagram growth, leave frustration behind, and let the year 2024 be your best Instagram year yet!

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