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How to Quickly Blur Faces in Photos with Cameralyze

In this article, we will explain how to quickly blur faces in photos with Cameralyze.
Halime Yilmaz
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How to Quickly Blur Faces in Photos with Cameralyze

Today, we are surrounded by surveillance cameras. While people use those cameras for security concerns and to protect their properties, they can invade the privacy of people at the same time. Photo sharing online has the same privacy concerns as well. Face blurring is one of the best solutions for enhancing privacy while allowing users to share pictures with people whose identities should be concealed. 

Although there are many face-blurring apps, Cameralyze provides one of the best and fastest face-blurring apps. In this article, we will explain how to quickly blur faces in photos with Cameralyze. However, let's look first at what face blur is and how it works.

What is Face Blur?

Face blur is one of the best-known practices when anonymizing both images and videos. Facial blurring software is designed to preserve the privacy of people by blurring their faces wherever they appear in an image or video using an algorithm. It generally begins with recognizing the face in the photo and is followed by putting pixels or other displacement effects on it. 

This cutting-edge technology is employed across different sectors, from street mapping to social media. Face blurring can also be applied in a range of industries that require access to video streams or the ability to share the output with others, such as security and analytics.

How Does Facial Blur Work?

Firstly, a face is detected in a video stream or still photo by the Face Blur tool, using deep learning technology to work. After that, the app adds a layer that blurs and pixelates the identified faces. In this step, the algorithm reduces picture information to the degree that facial features are no longer apparent.

Let's get to the real question.

How to Blur Faces in Photos With Cameralyze?

Cameralyze offers the best blur tool to quickly detect and obscure faces in any photo or video by using deep learning technology. Once a face is recognized, an additional layer of blurring or pixelation is added on top to conceal the face. This technique does not degrade the quality of the video, as the remaining characteristics of the video and audibility stay unchanged. Cameralyze's simple and intuitive drag-and-drop canvas allows you to customize your own unique AI Face Blurring application. Moreover, it does not require any code to integrate it. It doesn't require additional or specialized equipment. One of the most distinctive features of Cameralyze's facial blur app is that it blurs all faces at once, regardless of the angle of people on the camera, whether it's a single person or a large crowd. By avoiding manually blurring all of the faces in images, you can save energy, time, and money. It works with any camera and instantly blurs the live broadcast. You can start integrating privacy by default in your business using Cameralyze.

Let's go through the six processes of face blurring with Cameralyze: 

  1. Go to the Cameralyze dashboard
  2. Upload your photos or drag and drop them into the editor. You can create a new folder to use for photos later on.
  3. Click on the "New Application" button located at the top of the page to create a ready-to-use process. In this way, you can save your process and use the same application whenever you need it.
  4. Select your application type on the right side of the board. Click on "Face Detection."
  5. Click on "Blurring" in the Action section in the next step.
  6. Download your image in various high-resolution formats as the final step. You have two choices, such as saving to a folder or sending to an API to send the data, or triggering third-party tools.
  7. Here is the face in the blurred photo!


With the increased use of computer vision technology in surveillance systems, there is a growing social concern about invading people's privacy as collected photographs and videos may contain personal information such as people's faces. Even though deep learning technologies and their requirement for large amounts of visual data improve user experience, this information might be leaked and abused. Face blurring is one of the most effective ways to comply with default in business.

The unique face blur tool from Cameralyze recognizes a personal identifier, such as a face, and creates a synthetic alternative that matches the original qualities. As a result, the system secures identities while preserving data for analytics and machine learning.

Cameralyze's facial blur application makes it easy to swiftly and effectively conceal sensitive information, allowing you to convey only the most important details while keeping the rest. Try Cameralyze's face blurring app for free!

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