How to Use Face Recognition in Access Control System and 6 Challenges
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How to Use Face Recognition in Access Control System and 6 Challenges

In this article, we will discuss how factories can use face recognition in access control systems and its challenges.
Aleyna Güner
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How to Use Face Recognition in Access Control System and 6 Challenges

Facial recognition is in the spotlight nowadays more than ever. Worldwide historical occurrences caused a rapid increase in facial recognition investments. Considering the global outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, we can expect the investment in biometric technologies such as face recognition and face detection and the use of these technologies to increase. The most popular areas where facial recognition technology is used are still for security purposes. Facial recognition is accepted as one of the most accurate and simple methods to establish individual identity in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, hospital, etc. In short, face recognition technology is everywhere. In short, face recognition technology is everywhere. In this article, we will discuss how factories can use face recognition in access control systems and its challenges.

How to Use Face Recognition in Access Control System

Parallel to the rapid development of technology, improvements in automation have resulted in almost entire assembly lines becoming fully automated. This creates an inevitable result for the facilities; they need to be automated to keep up with the demands of end customers. With these developments in mind, automated access control procedures have become the primary goal in managing employee security and protecting confidential information. Furthermore, this is not just for employees; contractors, visitors, and external technical experts are also important factors when managing access control systems. With this vast number and complexity of IDs, it makes sense for most factories and warehouses to start using facial recognition technology and integrated attendance tracking systems to improve access control and identity management.

A brief introduction to adopting facial recognition technology for different-sized businesses;

Small-Size Businesses; Commercial Buildings, Offices

Due to the culture and nature of small businesses, traditional systems of time and attendance apply, increasing the risk of contact with others and the spread of infection. Moreover, the facial recognition access control solution can meet health and safety requirements and manage that time and attendance. During office hours with a large flow of people, access control systems increase the efficiency of the flow of people while reducing the time and labor costs often associated with manual entry and exit.

Medium-Size Businesses; Warehouses, Factories

Many different sectors, especially logistics companies, are going through digital transformation. Hundreds of people enter medium-size work environments and warehouses daily, including staff, visitors, contractors, and technical personnel. At this point, the importance of keeping company data safe comes to mind, and it is necessary to automate the entry and exit procedures to ensure company data security.

Large-Size Businesses; Heavy Industry Plants

Large-scale work environments have acres of outdoor facilities with thousands of people in and out multiple times a day. From the company's perspective, they must manage the excess flow of people, working hours and attendance records, and access privileges.

6 Facial Recognition Challenges in Factories, Warehouses, and Plants

Facial recognition is becoming increasingly popular, as mentioned earlier, especially for security in large-scale businesses such as factories and facilities. To successfully implement AI-Based Facial Recognition Solutions in large-scale work environments, these six face recognition challenges must be overcome:

1. Poor Lighting / poorly lit areas indoors and outdoors

Employees and vehicles constantly move in and out of large-scale environments, so we understand that facial recognition technology must be integrated into intelligent access control systems of indoor and outdoor cameras. However, during the day, the direction of the incoming lighting in an outdoor environment may change, and faces may be backlit. Also, images at night may appear very dark. As a result, the harsh outdoor lighting conditions lead to errors in some face recognition technologies.

Fortunately, Cameralyze's AI-Based Face Recognition Technology allows you to build the application you need on the no-code platform in minutes while increasing the recognition accuracy rate by 14.8% compared to its competitors. Even if the system you integrate into your camera does not have enough indoor and outdoor lighting while accelerating the recognition process. It automatically improves the light and provides the most accurate result.

2. Camera Angle Challenges

Large-scale businesses that want to incorporate facial recognition technology into their cameras or entry-level devices may be constrained by camera angles, posing a challenge for face recognition. Another challenge is the excessive distance between the camera lens and the face, the inappropriate lighting, and the vast field of view. Therefore, these factors may result in the system failing to capture only half or even none of the face; it can be caused to authenticate personnel properly.

Cameralyze's face recognition technology allows real-time recognition of more than ten people in the same frame from a given angle.

3. Partially covered faces

Especially after the Covid-19 global epidemic, factory workers who wear masks and follow precautions must also follow specific safety procedures when using machines. They are often required to wear a face mask, protective helmet, and safety glasses all day. As a result, since the faces of the employees are not completely visible, face recognition faces another challenge.

Thankfully, Cameralyze's facial recognition technology achieves outstanding recognition and the highest accuracy, using deep learning to capture facial features and compare them to working databases even when faces are unclear.

4. Possibility of Fraud

Due to many people in medium and large work environments, companies may face access control security issues caused by employees sign-in/out for each other, using photos to break access control systems, and fraud due to intrusion. Problems such as losing or stealing an employee's access card are widespread in large-scale facilities.

Thanks to Cameralyze's face recognition application, you can distinguish real people from fakes, and it supports anti-counterfeiting mechanisms. You can also thoroughly automate your system by utilizing object detection and person detection applications.

5. High-density Staff Flow

When you think of large factories, daily personnel check-in-out can be hundreds or even thousands. On the other hand, there are also contractors, temporary construction workers, and external technical experts. Particularly during peak hours, factories need a fast solution to performing facial recognition while quickly providing access control and check-in.

Cameralyze face recognition technology responds in milliseconds, even on large databases. It recognizes the faces defined in the database among thousands of faces and matches them.

6. Incompatibility in the integration process

In medium and large businesses, facial recognition systems may encounter hardware incompatibilities. Many manufacturing and raw material factories want to get AI facial recognition technology and data/statistics directly from software and hardware devices (e.g., camera lens turnstiles, network IP cameras, access control systems for edge devices, video management systems), but incompatibility caused by software and hardware settings parallel with the problems, the cost is also increasing.

In Cameralyze face recognition technology, it only takes minutes to integrate the application you have created into the system you want. With the application you created, you can process images, videos, or live stream images in real time, create an API, and send the results to the API, if you wish, dropbox or. You can send it to google drive or any third party integration you want. It allows you to minimize your technical knowledge, workforce need and cost. Cameralyze's technologies are your best choice for developer teams and small-medium-large factories. There will be no incompatibility problems thanks to its easy build and integration.

Cameralyze Facial Recognition: the Preferred Facial Recognition Solution for Factories, Warehouses, and Digital Environments

Cameralyze Face Technology is a no-code AI-based innovative solution specifically designed for smart production security controls. It helps large-scale environments improve their access control systems' security and overall efficiency through third-party system integration and other value-added functions, allowing you to create applications of any criteria such as real-time face matching, mask detection, etc.

Flexible and secure use for access control touch-points

While entering the new normal after Covid-19, it is the most logical decision to automate the tools used to reduce contact with people, especially in large-scale businesses. At this point, with the options, Cameralyze provides you, you can instantly send the result to any third-party tool and monitor the results easily.

Don't need an extra tool

You don't need an extra camera or a different tool to use Cameralyze's solution. You can define the camera you want on the platform and freely build the application you wish. It processes the data in real-time over the existing camera stream and responds in milliseconds. This way, while automating your system, you will avoid buying an extra camera or a tool and save money, time, and efficiency.

Watchlists Management Automated Enrollment

Simple to deploy on your infrastructure, resulting in safer and smarter environments for your customers, employees, guests, and others. Faces can be automatically enrolled in the database or updated in the background while the video stream is being processed.

Multiple solutions in a single platform

On Cameralyze's no-code platform, you can build face recognition technology and applications such as object detection and human detection, which large-scale companies need, by the drag-and-drop method according to your needs. After building these applications, you can start or stop using any application you want at any time, as there is no need for an extra tool.

Final Thoughts: Key Benefits of Face Recognition

As a result, when we look at the advantages of face recognition technology in general, It is possible to talk about the benefits such as protecting businesses against theft, strengthening security measures, reducing the number of touch-points, improves medical treatment.  If we consider the advantages of face recognition from a more specific point; due to the rapid increase in automation in medium and large-scale factories and facilities, environments such as indoor and outdoor factories, facilities, and warehouses can achieve the following goals using Cameralyze face recognition technology:

•Track your employees' check-in/out time, manage time and attendance, and save records for future inquiries using a secure, contactless method

• Even when wearing a mask, it recognizes faces and delivers them to your third-party tool without needing extra equipment.

We emphasized that Cameralyze Face Technology Solutions works at the highest accuracy and efficiency rate compared to the challenges mentioned above. You can build an application in 3 minutes according to your needs. Would you like to try and explore yourself?

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