LinkedIn Growth in 2024: Boost Your Followers in 5 Simple Steps
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LinkedIn Growth in 2024: Boost Your Followers in 5 Simple Steps

Explore this ultimate guide to grow your LinkedIn followers base to over 10K. Turn your professional profile into a lucrative engagement hub today!
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If you are an entrepreneur, writer, or creator, and you want to grow your follower base to over 10,000 and rake in some serious cash while at it, this blog post is for you. Who said you need to be doing silly dances on TikTok, flaunting on Instagram, or dealing with your beloved Aunt’s Janine's conspiracy theories on Facebook? No, the gold mine for growing your followers is on LinkedIn.

Yes, you heard it right, LinkedIn—the platform many perceive as a business social media platform—they write it off as dull or for the older generation. That's exactly why it's ripe for growth. Many people overlook LinkedIn, leaving ample room for you to tap into the existing and continuously broadening user base.

The platform boasts over 950 million users, with only about 3 million of these regularly creating content, and fewer still creating quality content. And let's face it, a majority of the content on LinkedIn tends to resemble an obituary notice—dry and boring. This scenario creates a fantastic opportunity for you to stand out and grow before others discover the untapped potential.

Furthermore, LinkedIn users boast the highest average household net worth compared to other social media platforms. The average household income stands at $124,000 per annum, making them more likely to purchase your products or services.

Feeling intrigued? Great. Now, let's lay down a simple seven-step plan to accelerate your LinkedIn growth swiftly.

Turn on the creator mode for LinkedIn

First, turn on the creator mode on LinkedIn. This setting boosts your posts' reach, allowing you to grow faster. Not only does it provide exclusive tools and essential insights, but it also customizes your profile to stand out.

To turn on Creator Mode on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Start by going to your LinkedIn profile and click on the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then click View Profile.
  2. Scroll down to Resources and click on the button that says Creator mode: Off. Toggle this button to activate creator mode.
  3. You'll see a preview of what LinkedIn creator mode will look like on your profile. Click Next.
  4. On the next screen, add hashtags to indicate the topics you post about the most. Choose up to five topics and click Done.
  5. Follow the prompts to finish setting up LinkedIn creator mode, and you're done

Optimize your profile for LinkedIn

Once that's enabled, step two on growing your LinkedIn fast is profile optimization. A high-quality profile picture, an engaging bio, a succinct banner, a detailed about section, and a handy featured section are some of the key elements of a superior LinkedIn profile.

Select Target Audience

When generating content ideas, always ensure they're relevant to your audience. Professionals largely populate LinkedIn, and therefore, actionable content that solves their pain points resonates best.

Starting with the profile picture, it's necessary to choose a photo that is not only professional but also clear and appealing. Don't just settle for any picture; make sure it mirrors your personal and professional charisma. Ditch the group photos, avoid selfies, and steer clear of images with distracting backgrounds. Remember, your profile picture is the first thing someone sees, make it count.

The headline is the next pivotal detail. It's not just about stating what you do but showcasing how you positively impact others. It’s important to use relevant keywords that highlight your skills, but be careful not to stuff too many in which could make it look forced and inorganic.

Moving on to the summary, it needs to be intriguing enough to hook profile visitors. It should give an overview of who you are as an individual, what things move you, and what you aim to achieve professionally. By adding media like links to your work, presentations, or videos, you highlight your expertise and broaden your appeal.

A comprehensive overview of your professional journey is necessary too. Flesh-out the work experience section with details about your various roles, the skills you’ve earned, and the accomplishments that make you proud. Sharing these specifics will attract potential connections and builds credibility.

Keywords are significant throughout your LinkedIn profile, especially when you want to stand out in search results. Incorporating these in your headline, summary, and experience section can boost your visibility. Be sure to use different versions of keywords that are relevant to your industry and profession, and scatter them naturally throughout your profile, avoiding any traces of keyword stuffing.

LinkedIn is not only for maintaining connections but also building new ones and engaging audiences. Posting relevant content regularly and interacting with your network can drive more followers your way. Furthermore, monitor your profile using analytics tools like Inlytics to cater your content to what resonates with your audience.

Endorsements and recommendations are useful in validating your skills and improving your credibility. Ask for endorsements from your connections where applicable, and seek recommendations from past colleagues, managers, or clients. These gestures back up your claims about your skills and show that others appreciate and respect your work.

Lastly, the featured section acts as your virtual trophy case, showcasing your best projects, articles, or other media that emphasizes your specialties. Leverage this space to highlight noteworthy professional milestones.

Use LinkedIn Carousel Post

Transforming your content into carousels is another powerful strategy for boosting engagement—this utilizes a series of eye-catching images. These "carousels" not only look great but also play nice with LinkedIn's algorithm.

To create a LinkedIn carousel post, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Plugger, AI Graphic Design Assistant.
  2. Select LinkedIn Carousel Post Generator.
  3. Write your content.
  4. It will give you PDF file for your content.

Share experience

The fifth step in growing your LinkedIn followers involves posting transformation stories. You'll find these tried-and-true methods very effective:

  1. Voice Your Opinions: It's a wonderful strategy to inject your personal reflections and notions on any topic, as it enriches your post with more substance and nuance. This in turn can facilitate deeper dialogues and open up the ground for intellectual exchanges.
  2. Narrate Personal Experiences: Speaking of your own encounters related to the topic at hand is another fantastic way to engage with your followers. The act of recounting personal narratives can establish a closer bond with your audience, by appealing to their emotions and allowing them to empathize with your experiences.
  3. Pose Enquiries: Another great way to spur interactions is to incorporate questions into your posts. By doing this, you're extending an invitation to your audience to join in a discussion, provide their inputs, and interact with your content in a much more dynamic way.

In order to effectively share experiences on LinkedIn and establish a more meaningful connection with your audience, assimilating these tactics in your posts can be highly beneficial. Incorporating your thoughts, stories, and inquiries will not only enrich the content of your posts, but it can also enhance the level of engagement on this professional platform.

So begin to voice your opinions, share your personal stories, and pose intriguing questions to your followers. By doing so, you will find a significant improvement in your overall engagement rate on LinkedIn, effectively creating a strong connection with your audience. A good post begins with good content – thought-provoking, stimulating, and engaging. And these strategies will give you exactly that. When you make it a point to share not just updates, but experiences, ideas, different perspectives – you're bringing so much more value to your audience.

At the end of the day, people are on LinkedIn to learn, network, and interact. By opening up, presenting thoughtful content, and engaging with your network, you're not only enhancing your persona on the platform but also helping create a more interactive and engaging space.

Remember, when it comes to supreme LinkedIn growth, key is providing value to your target audience. Deliver high-quality content, remain consistent, and interact with your audience regularly. Ticking off these boxes ensures that you remain on the path to explosive growth.

I hope this blog post serves as a guide for you to realize you too can build a robust following on LinkedIn. Like, share, and most importantly, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. Start today, and before you know it, you'll have your first 10,000 followers on LinkedIn cheering you on every step of the way. So go ahead, ignite the engagement and let your professional voice be heard. Happy networking!

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