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The Growing Role Of AI In Content Moderation

In this article, we will go through the help of artificial intelligence when it comes to content moderation and management. We will dive deep into content moderation and see how those solutions can benefit our businesses.
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The Growing Role Of AI In Content Moderation

Artificial intelligence is leading many changes in our daily lives and jobs. We can tell one of the most essential topics that AI has been affecting is content management and content moderation. To fully understand the effects of artificial intelligence, let's start by explaining those terms. Then we will go through the fatal role of artificial intelligence in content moderation and management.

The screening of unsuitable content users publish on a platform is called content moderation. The procedure comprises the use of pre-established guidelines for content monitoring. The content is flagged and deleted if it does not adhere to the rules. The causes could range from violence, offensiveness, extremism, nudity, hate speech, copyright violations, and other factors. The purpose of content moderation is to preserve the brand's Trust and Safety program and ensure the platform is safe to use. Social media, dating websites and apps, markets, forums, and other similar platforms make extensive use of content moderation (For more information about the benefits of AI on social media, check out here).

Challenges Of Content Moderation

As mentioned above, content moderation is a popular subject that frequently appears in the news. Governments from all across the world are requesting that private corporations take proactive measures to stop the spread of unpleasant or harmful content. What isn't frequently discussed, though, is how difficult it can be for these companies to moderate content in a way that protects users and avoids alienating them and impairing their capacity to conduct business.

So let's address some of the challenges of content moderation;

1. Employee Safety and Content Moderation

Employee safety and well-being quickly come to mind regarding the difficulties and dangers associated with content control. For their employers, content moderators spend hours examining the content, most of it upsetting. Content moderators who suffered from PTSD and depression due to their work have recently filed lawsuits against both YouTube and Facebook. It may take years before we fully understand content moderation's effect on people's safety and wellness because it is a relatively new profession with a high turnover rate. Computer vision can play a crucial role in defending employees in content moderation by automatically rejecting uncomfortable and emotionally upsetting content.

2. Elimination of Secure Content

In 2020, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook makes 300,000 mistakes with content control every day. We've all seen posts on our feeds from people claiming to have spent time in "Facebook Jail" after making a harmless post. It is even more astonishing that this number isn't greater, given that moderators must oversee 3 million videos and photographs every day. Safe content removal hurts your company's reputation while also making users' experiences frustrating and decreasing the possibility that they would use your platform again. Computer Vision removes human error from the equation, resulting in fewer wrongly eliminated postings and less user annoyance.

3. Missing Inappropriate Material

Similar to computers, people are more inclined to overlook objectionable material, especially if it is hidden. For instance, words that are muddled or obscured cannot be highlighted. But Visual-AI can see resemblances, typos, and some obfuscation methods, which makes it simpler to block or flag the information. (For more information about Visual AI, check out here).

4. New Threats to Content Moderation Facing

The field of content moderation is always exposed to new dangers. Pepe the Frog, for instance, was a response meme that was widely used on all social media platforms more than ten years ago, but it is now associated with hate groups like the Nazis and the anti-Semitic movement. While teaching material could take a lot longer, computer vision can be quickly trained to recognize fresh hate symbols and other related graphics.

As we all know, unfortunately, all the good things come with minor problems, however, overcoming those might not be a problem if you have a good partner beside you. There are companies like Cameralyze, which have thought about all these problems before giving the product to you; your business can benefit from it in seconds without effort; you can click here and try it yourself. (You can also click here and sign up to see what Cameralyze can offer)

How AI Can Help With Content Moderation

Cameralyze Content Moderation

The process of content filtering can be made more efficient with artificial intelligence. For instance, AI-powered systems can categorize and automatically analyze potentially dangerous information, speeding up and improving the whole moderation process.

Automation And Content Filtering

Given the enormous amount of user-generated data, manually editing material becomes difficult and calls for scalable solutions. Artificial intelligence-supported content moderation can automatically scan words, images, and videos for harmful material. Additionally, AI may categorize and filter content that is deemed improper in a certain situation and aid in preventing its posting, supporting human moderators in the content review process and assisting brands in maintaining the quality and safety of their content. (You can check out here if you would like to have more information about AI)

Less Exposure To Harmful Content

One of the most fundamental advantages of content moderation is the capacity to protect your online presence from user-generated material that can be damaging. On the internet, countless types of information are widely available, including images, videos, essays, and posts on various social media sites. Receiving user-generated material contributions that go beyond the rules established by the company is unavoidable. The presence of offensive and upsetting content produced by online trolls and bullies will, however, drastically decline with the use of a team of skilled content moderators. To ensure that users do not cross the line with the kinds of content they upload and share, they must enforce any regulations or guidelines that have been created.

Moderation Of Live Content

Moderation techniques can be used on a variety of online platforms, mainly social media websites, which are becoming hubs for potential clients. Your brand can be presented as a well-known, captivating, and user-friendly company with a thoroughly watched and managed social media profile. AI may also monitor live content and moderate it; real-time data needs to be moderated to give users a secure experience. By instantaneously analyzing content and automatically identifying any potentially dangerous situations before they go live, AI can assist in Livestream content monitoring.

AI Use Cases In Content Moderation

Platforms that rely on user-generated material struggle to keep up with the amount of inappropriate and obscene text, images, and videos published every second. The only way to maintain your standards on your brand's website, safeguard your customers, and preserve your reputation is through content moderation. With its assistance, you may ensure that your platform fulfills its intended function and does not act as a venue for spam, violent crime, or pornographic material. Let's go through those materials;
(For more detailed information on what Cameralyze can offer for content moderation, you can click here.)

Abusive Content on Social Media

All forms of hate speech, cyberbullying, cyberaggression, and abusive behavior are included in abusive material. With natural language and picture processing, many businesses and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, use AI automation to increase reporting options and streamline the overall moderation process.

Automated abuse detection rules examine newly created or updated content. If the rules determine that the content is abusive, it is immediately marked as such, hidden from the public, and added to the abuse workflow. If the text wasn't flagged as abusive or spam by the automatic abuse detectors, the author is examined to see if they need to be regulated. Authors may have specified in their accounts that all of their content should be moderated, or the program in which they created their content may specify that this is the case. The author's content will go through the workflow for moderation if it needs to be. If the information is not checked for abuse and is not automatically identified as such, it can be seen in the community.

How Does Content Moderation Prevent Adult Content?

The difficulty with content control is that it extends beyond a classification issue with images. The phrase "pictures, movies, or GIFs that portray real-life human genitalia" is used to define pornographic content. This implies that AI will have two distinct issues to address when reporting pornographic content. It must first ascertain whether a piece of content comprises "human genitals" and "real-life" pictures.

Second, it must be checked to see if it contains images of sexual behaviors if it is not real-life content (such as paintings, pictures, and sculptures). The first issue can theoretically be resolved with simple deep-learning training. Your neural networks will be able to recognize patterns if you give them enough images of human genitalia from various angles, lighting conditions, backdrops, etc.

Any material that is offensive or sexually explicit is considered adult content. Based on image processing, automated adult content regulation is frequently employed in video platforms, dating and e-commerce websites, messaging applications, and forums.

Can Content Moderation Prohibit Profanity?

Profanity is the use of words or phrases that are considered offensive, disrespectful, or rude, and it can also involve crude jokes. AI can recognize profanity in a string of random characters and symbols and in words that are vulgar and unacceptable by using natural language processing.
Every day, enormous amounts of text, photographs, and videos are published. Due to the massive volume of user-generated material being produced every day, businesses with platforms that rely on it struggle to maintain customer safety and trust. Profanity issues in client conversations can significantly affect a company's income, and litigation, unfavorable press, and low consumer confidence can all hurt the bottom line. Applying established guidelines for content moderation entails checking for, flagging, and removing offensive text, photos, and videos that users publish on a platform. Profanity, violence, extreme viewpoints, nudity, hate speech, and other types of improper or objectionable content can all be found in moderated content. Using profanity filters and advanced content moderation technology is the best way to keep track of all of this stuff.

Fake and Misleading Content

False content tries to promote false material through social media channels for various reasons, such as to hide the truth and sway public opinion. News and articles, reviews of products and comments made by AI bots, can all be fake content.

We have mentioned above from the benefits and use cases above, and as we can see, solutions like content moderation are fatal for our brand's and customers' safety. Those systems can seem expensive or complex to use; however, Cameralyze offers subscription-based affordable prices and no-code platforms that require zero code knowledge; you can click here and see how it works.

Cameralyze Content Moderation Solution

We have gone through the above about topics like content moderation and how it helps us ensure our brand's safety. But let's briefly mention those terms and then examine what Cameralyze offers regarding content moderation.

The practice of checking whether the content provided to a website complies with the site's rules and guidelines and is appropriate to post on the site is known as content moderation. It entails establishing policies and standards that all information posted on the website must follow and removing anything judged offensive, sensitive, or unsuitable. Content moderation is the most effective way to keep an eye on a brand's website and other online channels. It aids businesses in increasing website traffic, which raises the site's overall rating. As a result, a rise in web traffic encourages users to become more interested in the brand. As a result, there will be more user interaction, which will boost brand reputation and boost social engagement.

Now let's take a look at Cameralyze's content moderation solutions, let's go through a use case and try how it works.
First, we need to create our project folder by clicking 'Create Folder' and then name it as you wish.

Cameralyze Content Moderation

After the folder is created, all you need to do is check the folder box and then click 'Save and Continue. Then the page includes all the solutions and welcomes us, and we choose Content Moderation and proceed again by double clicking.

Cameralyze Content Moderation Next Step

After that, we proceeded with the topics that we wanted to moderate in our content, like Alcohol, Drugs, violence, etc. I choose to proceed with alcohol and drugs.

Content Moderation Selecting Labels

After we create our application steps, it is time to upload the content that we wish to moderate, and we click 'Save and Continue' once more.

Application Preview

Lastly, once our content has been uploaded, all there is left to click submit and wait for the processes to end.

Content Moderation Application Result

As we can see from the result above, just in seconds, the system detected the alcoholic beverages and gave us the result. With the no-code artificial-based Cameralyze solution, it just takes seconds to make your website safer for your customers with no coding knowledge or spending efforts and hours checking all the visuals at your site.

Now you can click here and build your own applications just in minutes.


Today with the 21st century and artificial intelligence's booming years, artificial intelligence is inside our lives and businesses more than ever. There are solutions like content moderation or image tagging right now, which are helping businesses to ensure their customer's and brands' safety within seconds of effort. Artificial intelligence, besides its all benefits to sectors from energy to medicine, has gained a lot of fun and safety to sectors like media and entertainment. Suppose you have any interest or investment in any kind of web work. You can check out Cameralyze's solutions from here and you can sign up and try its benefits from here just in seconds.

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