Facial Emotion Recognition  

Cameralyze offers the most accurate and automated system for identifying human emotions from facial expressions, several specific properties in facial images, videos, or live-stream, including the universal expressions:happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, calm, and confused using Artificial Intelligent.

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Ready Emotion Detection Technology

Cameralyze No-Code Visual Intelligent platform is designed to meet your analysis needs quickly and effectively. You can easily integrate the system and start analyzing instantly.

High Speed & Performance

Cameralyze provides higher performance , the response time is only a few milliseconds. Quickly scans the system and detects and analyze facial expressions with high detection speed.

Advanced Accuracy  

When comparing platform outcomes to facial expressions scored manually by professional annotators, Cameralyze Facial Emotion Recognition Technology 9.1 scores an accuracy up to 99% , depending on which emotion is measured.

Easily Scalable

Provides automatic load balancing and synchronization. It processes thousands of video channels simultaneously and detects facial emotions in less than a second. It also allows you to monitor real-time metrics.

Privacy Leadership

Cameralyze cares not only for you but also for your customers.Thanks to our data encryption, data breach, and data purging privacy measures, no one can access your data and your applications except you.

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