Human Detection Solutions

Cameralyze real-time human detection solutions in computer vision solutions detect people from any image, video, or live stream in milliseconds, and it increases your efficiency. The solution enables surveillance work to be carried out remotely, saving costs and improving staff working conditions and well-being.

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Ready Human Detection Technology

An AI-Based Human Detection system detects persons in an image, video, or live stream. Thanks to the no-code platform, you can easily integrate it into your system and start using it within minutes.

Improve Safety

Integrating AI-Based Human Detection Technology, identify a human from far away and detect a tiny human. Achieve accurate results even in difficult conditions. The solution approach uses live streaming video data that provides immediate risk detection.

Achieve Fast & Accurate Results

Combining high speed with a high degree of accuracy and detects people per second on a single blade. Experience a 95% increase in efficiency and team productivity.

Easily Scalable

Don't waste your precious time. Just focus on your business. Load balancing and synchronization are automated. Process thousands of streaming video channels at the same time and detects people in less than a second. Automate Human Detection and save time, cost and effort.

Don't Need Additional Equipment

Don't need any special or extra equipment. Quickly detect a person in an image, video, or live stream.  Works with any camera and detects human's live stream in real-time. Start to increase efficiency in your operations today with Cameralyze!

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