Blue Pencil XL

Model is an anime generator that creates XL anime visuals with a gorgeous color texture.

Blue Pencil XL Online Demo.

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Blue Pencil XL specializes in making XL anime visuals that explode with vibrant colors and intricate textures. You can create any concept you can imagine.

Blue Pencil XL API:

We have something special for tech geeks. Our API allows you to seamlessly connect with Blue Pencil XL through a simple HTTP request. Regardless of your preferred coding language, you can easily integrate Blue Pencil XL into your projects. The API revolves around three basic parameters: prompt, negative prompt and seed, giving you full control over your anime art creations.

Blue Pencil XL Online Studio:

But wait, there's more! We designed Blue Pencil XL Online Studio with a user-friendly interface and made it a playground for your creative ideas. Parameters like prompt, negative prompt and seed are very easy to set and allow you to create anime art that is uniquely yours. And when you're satisfied with your masterpiece, downloading it is as simple as it gets.

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