ChimeraMi XL

Take a journey into the world of anime with ChimeraMi XL, an AI model that magically creates anime art and creatures from text.

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With a mere text command, this state-of-the-art AI model brings your anime fantasies to vivid life. Whether you're a skilled artist, a game whiz, or simply someone with an insatiable imagination, ChimeraMi XL is poised to transform how you conceive and craft anime.

1. Unlimited Horizons: Unveiling the Enchantment of ChimeraMi XL

Initial version of Chimera XL, focusing on (un)realistic creatures, hybrids, monsters.
These were used in the training data. 

- Gen1 pokémon (names only, no species labeling)
- some LoL characters (Ashe, Akali, Ahri, Katarina, Star Guardian Jinx, Nidalee, etc.,) 
- Some OW characters (mercy, dva, black cat dva, tracer)
- Species (tauren, navi, smurf, succubus, draenei, lamia)
- Variety and hybrids
- Fantastic creatures (undead dragon, harpy, dryad, unicorn, centaur, humantaur, kobold, goblin, floran, bird, fairy, arachne, slime, griffin)
- Normal animals

2. The Debut of ChimeraMi XL API: Bridging Innovation and Integration

To ensure the seamless assimilation of our AI marvel into your creative process, we're thrilled to introduce the ChimeraMi XL API. This ingenious tool empowers developers to link up with the AI through a straightforward HTTP request, enabling integration across multiple programming languages. The API empowers you to harness the AI's prowess through parameters like prompt, negative prompt, and seed. This signifies that you can now effortlessly infuse the enchantment of AI into your projects, making anime art a living reality like never before.

3. Effortless Artistry with ChimeraMi XL Online Studio: Your Imagination, Your Rules

What if you're not a coding maestro? Fret not, for we've got a solution tailor-made for you - the ChimeraMi XL Online Studio. Boasting a user-friendly interface, this virtual haven empowers you to conjure art via artificial intelligence sans the need for coding skills. Just input your prompt, tweak the negative prompt for a specific direction if desired, and set the seed to imbue your creation with your distinct vision. With a few clicks, you'll witness your anime reveries manifest right before your eyes. And the cherry on top? You can download your masterpiece, preserving it for posterity.

In a realm where innovation intersects with creativity, ChimeraMi XL shines as an emblem of progress. Whether you're venturing into the anime cosmos for personal gratification, game development, or artistic expression, our AI model becomes your trusty companion. With ChimeraMi XL, you're not merely conjuring anime from text - you're conjuring entire realms of fantasy. 

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