Face UVW Page Gen for CC3+ V1.0

Promising proof-of-concept results with a text-to-image tool for character head textures.

The model we're discussing here is known as Face UVW Page Gen for CC3. Its main function is to turn text into images. It's a straightforward concept that relies on texture sheet images mapped to UVW sheets of CC3+ character 3D meshes. Specifically, it's capable of generating textures for male and female character heads in the Character Builder. Although it's still in its proof-of-concept stage, it's already showing impressive results.

Face UVW Page Gen for CC3  API

The Face UVW Page Gen for CC3 offers an API that allows users to connect it with various programming languages through HTTP requests. The key parameters for these requests include the prompt, negative prompt, and seed.

Face UVW Page Gen for CC3 Online Studio

For a user-friendly experience, the Face UVW Page Gen for CC3 provides an online studio. This studio features a simple user interface that enables users to tweak parameters and instantly see the results. Again, the essential parameters are prompt, negative prompt, and seed, and users can conveniently download the generated textures.

The model can used for AI game asset generator

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