Floral Patterns

Use it to generate floral patterns for your designs and projects.

The model we're introducing is called Floral Patterns, and its primary function is to effortlessly generate beautiful, intricate designs from plain text. No artistic prowess required! This versatile model has been meticulously trained to excel in producing floral patterns, ensuring you get the desired aesthetic each time. To influence the style, simply use the word "pattern" as your prompt. Moreover, you have the option to employ a negative prompt to eliminate unwanted colors if the positive prompt doesn't quite provide the control you need.

Floral Patterns API

With the Floral Patterns API, connecting to our design wizardry becomes a breeze. Users can seamlessly interface with this AI marvel using various programming languages, thanks to an accessible HTTP request setup. The key parameters at your disposal are "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed," allowing you to fine-tune your design requests.

Floral Patterns Online Studio

For a user-friendly experience, Floral Patterns offers an Online Studio where you can easily design, customize, and download your creations. This intuitive platform provides a simple user interface, enabling users to tweak parameters and instantly visualize the results. The essential parameters you can adjust include "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed." Create, customize, and download your AI-generated patterns with ease.

The model can used for AI pattern generator

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