Hephaistos SD 1.0XL

Designed to create visuals, artworks and anything you can imagine.

Meet Hephaistos SD 1.0XL, an AI model designed to turn your ideas into masterpieces

Hephaistos SD 1.0XL API:

Getting started with Hephaistos SD 1.0XL is easy thanks to our user-friendly API. Developers of all backgrounds can seamlessly integrate the model into their projects using a simple HTTP request. Whether you prefer Python, Java or any other programming language, you can easily take advantage of its capabilities.

Within the API, there are three basic parameters you can work with:

Prompt: Use text to describe the image you have in mind.
Negative Prompt: Specify the elements or constraints you want the AI to avoid when creating your image.
Seed: Add a unique seed value to guide the AI's creative direction.

Hephaistos SD 1.0XL Online Studio:

For those who prefer a more visual approach, our Hephaistos SD 1.0XL Online Studio offers an intuitive interface. You can create without any programming knowledge. Simply enter your text, adjust settings such as prompt, negative prompt and seed and watch your vision unfold on the screen.

What makes Online Studio really special is the real-time preview feature. This allows you to fine-tune your creations until they perfectly align with your artistic vision. And when you're satisfied with the result, you can download your newly created images with just one click.

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