NVJOB Water v1.0

NVJOB Water v1.0 is your tool for turning text into flawless water textures.

NVJOB Water v1.0 Online Demo.

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NVJOB Water v1.0 its primary purpose is creating texture images from text. With this tool, you can easily craft seamless omnidirectional water textures for your materials. The real magic happens when you blend multiple textures and tweak the UV offset directions. That's what enables you to make water appear as if it's flowing in any direction you desire.

NVJOB Water v1.0 API

NVJOB Water v1.0 offers an API that allows users to seamlessly connect with it using various development languages. This connection is established through a straightforward HTTP request. The key parameters for this request are prompt, negative prompt, and seed.

NVJOB Water v1.0 Online Studio

For those who prefer a user-friendly interface, NVJOB Water v1.0 provides an Online Studio. This intuitive platform empowers users to fine-tune their textures by adjusting parameters and instantly previewing the results. Of course, the parameters you can control are prompt, negative prompt, and seed. Additionally, users have the option to download the generated textures for their convenience.

The model can used for AI texture generator

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