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Meet Old Sketch-Style, your creative companion. This remarkable AI model transforms your words into semi-detailed pen and pencil sketches, complete with captivating hatch shading. Say goodbye to complex art tools and hello to effortless artistic expression.

Old Sketch-Style API: 

Unleash the power of Old Sketch-Style with our user-friendly API. Seamlessly integrate it into your projects with a simple HTTP request. Customize your creations by providing input through parameters like "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed." Get ready to witness the magic of AI drawing generator in your preferred development language.

Old Sketch-Style Online Studio: 

Discover the Art Genie within you through our intuitive online studio. This user-friendly interface allows you to experiment with various parameters while instantly visualizing the results. Adjust "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed" settings effortlessly, and once you're satisfied, download your masterpiece. Let your imagination run wild with Old Sketch-Style.

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