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You know how some AI models go for super-realistic looks but forget to sprinkle in a little artistic magic? On the flip side, there are those models that are all about pretty visuals, but they miss the mark on genuine authenticity. With OnlyRealistic, we've cracked the code to blend the best of both worlds. Our model draws inspiration from Eastern aesthetics, while also keeping it real with some seriously authentic vibes.

OnlyRealistic doesn't like being put in a box. Unlike other models that stick to just one style, our model loves to switch things up. It's like having a whole bunch of artistic tools in one virtual box. You just need to give it a simple prompt, and it'll whip up images that'll blow your mind. Trust us, it knows how to capture the heart and soul of its subject.

OnlyRealistic API

Techies, we've got your back. You can connect to our API using good ol' HTTP requests. No matter which coding language you speak, you're covered. Remember these three magic words: "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed." Plug these in, and watch the magic happen.

OnlyRealistic Online Studio: 

Not a coding whiz? No problemo. Our Online Studio is like your playground. It's got a user-friendly interface that lets you play around with the model's settings. Tweak the "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed," and watch your image transform in real-time. Found your golden image? Hit the download button, and it's all yours.

In a world where realness sometimes loses its charm and artistry forgets to keep it real, OnlyRealistic steps up to the plate. It's a game-changer that maintains top-notch quality while preserving the soul of each image. Whether you're a coder ready to connect or just someone who wants to explore some seriously cool visuals, OnlyRealistic is your new go-to. The model can be used for ai image generator.

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