Take advantage of the distinctive power of this model to create fantastic visuals and maps drawn on parchment.

archartXL stands out among AI models with its unique focus, which involves transforming your text into captivating and imaginative visuals. Simply add "on parchment" to any command prompt, and behold the magic unfold.

ParchartXL API

The ParchartXL API breaks down language barriers, seamlessly integrating this potent tool into your development projects. You can establish connections using HTTP requests in multiple programming languages.

For developers and tech enthusiasts, the ParchartXL API is a game-changer, enabling interaction with the model through HTTP requests. You have complete control over the process, utilizing parameters like "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed" to craft your stunning visuals.

ParchartXL Online Studio

Creating AI visualizations has never been this straightforward. ParchartXL's Online Studio offers a user-friendly interface for experimenting with various parameters, viewing instant results, and downloading your creations.

ParchartXL Online Studio accommodates users of all technical backgrounds, providing a remarkably user-friendly experience. You can fine-tune the model's parameters, including "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed," to achieve your desired output. The best part? You can instantly observe the results of your creative experiments and download them for your projects.

The model can used for AI children's book generator

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