An AI model that allows you to create cartoon and anime visuals.

Rabbit, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence model that creates quality images from text commands. Rabbit has undergone significant improvements, making it the best choice for producing cartoon and anime artwork. Here's what you need to know:

  • Mecha Magic: Rabbit now allows you to effortlessly create mecha-inspired artwork. Simply enter the prompt word, and watch as Rabbit transforms your text into captivating mecha designs.
  • Light and Shadow Mastery: With improved light and shadow effects, including ray tracing, Rabbit excels at faithfully reproducing intricate artistic styles in your images.
  • Enhanced Perspective: Enjoy a more detailed perspective effect and backgrounds that bring your scenes to life.
  • Keyword Power: Achieve greater control over your creations by inputting more keywords. Rabbit will narrow down the character and scene according to your preferences.
  • Complete Characters: Explore a wider range of human figures and adorable clothing options, including the beloved chubby look.
  • Home Sweet Home: Diversify your scenes with a variety of furniture and housing concepts. Your characters are no longer limited to the streets; they can now reside in captivating interiors.
  • Shadow Play: Experience richer light and shadow reflections. By introducing water-related concepts, Rabbit will automatically enhance the lighting and shadow effects. You can also fine-tune these parameters for the perfect result.
  • Special Effects: With rich smoke and ion effects, you can now create stunning visuals, from cyberpunk aesthetics to futuristic cityscapes and even the interiors
  • Seamless 3D Integration: Rabbit prioritizes your scene creations. Your characters will effortlessly move to their desired positions, eliminating the need for tedious parameter adjustments.

Rabbit API

For developers, Rabbit offers a powerful API that can be integrated into applications using various programming languages. The API supports three key parameters:

  • Prompt: Input your creative vision.
  • Negative Prompt: Specify what you want to avoid.
  • Seed: Achieve unique results by setting your own seed value.
  • Rabbit Online Studio

With an easy-to-use user interface, you can easily set parameters. The same three basic parameters - prompt, negative prompt and seed - are at your disposal. You can also conveniently download the image you have created.

With Rabbit, the possibilities for creating captivating cartoon and anime art are boundless. Whether you're a developer looking to integrate AI into your projects or an artist seeking a seamless creative experience, Rabbit has you covered. Try it out today and unleash your imagination!

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