XL Yamer's Realistic

Generate realistic images with XL Yamer's Realistic AI model. Perfect for anime-style portraits and more.

XL Yamer's Realistic Online Demo.

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XL Yamer's Realistic, your gateway to crafting impressive images from text. Tailored for realism and quality, this model brings a touch of anime-style charm to its creations, focusing on lifelike portrayals of both genders. Experience the magic of XL Yamer's Realistic across various prompts, including animals and more.

XL Yamer's Realistic API

Leverage the power of XL Yamer's Realistic API through simple HTTP requests. Seamlessly integrate this model into your projects, supporting diverse programming languages. Utilize the essential HTTP request parameters: prompt, negative prompt, and seed.

XL Yamer's Realistic Online Studio

Dive into the world of XL Yamer's Realistic through an intuitive online studio interface. Users can effortlessly modify parameters and instantly visualize outcomes. With easy access to the prompt, negative prompt, and seed parameters, creating your desired images has never been more convenient. Upon satisfaction, easily download your results. The model can used for ai image generator.

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