Object Detection With Computer Vision

Recognize and tag multiple objects (car, building, etc.) in any image, video, or live-stream and recognize your visual data, or track moving objects in a live video feed in real-time while collecting multiple data.

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User Friendly Interface

You can create your own Object Detection application on a no-code platform for any image, video, or live stream. This platform allows you to label objects with real-time results and recognize the content of your visual data.

High Accuracy & Performance

Cameralyze's state-of-the-art object detection solutions are fast and incredibly accurate (98.64%+). Allowing you to instantly make real-time decisions based on what you see.

Minimize Your Cost and Workforce

Don't need technical knowledge or more workforce. Just focus on the things that matter to you.
Save money and time by minimizing technical expertise and labor thanks to the no-code platform.

Easily Scalable

Load balancing and synchronization are automated. It processes thousands of video streams simultaneously, regardless of the request size, and gives the highest accuracy for object detection.

Data Privacy And Security

Designed with privacy protection in mind. Cameralyze Object Detection Solutions automate data privacy and security. Does not store data and allows you to quell all your privacy concerns.

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