EasyOCR - Image to Text Solution

Build your own simple text detection workflow from scratch on the no-code platform in minutes.

The EasyOCR detects text with the highest speed and accuracy and has a Computer Vision discipline that specializes in finding and converting characters, words and paragraphs in images using optical character recognition (OCR).

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Easy OCR - Text Detection

Allows you to identify and convert overlaid/embedded characters within media into machine-readable text. Create your OCR App that will respond in real time according to your needs from the platform. Thanks to the ready to use AI components feature of the platform, it will only take you 3 minutes to integrate it into your own system or using API.

High Speed & Accuracy

Convert scanned documents to digital text with high speed and accuracy. Machine Learning is used to automatically pre-process and recognize text in a variety of languages.

Run Serverless

It's time to give up server maintenance and GPU/Server selection for your workflow. You need to focus on the business logic, Cameralyze handles the rest of it. It scales when your need increases and helps you to manage the cost.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy your workflow anywhere with best practices. All of them include best practices for different environments. It's a no-code MLOps platform that helps you maintain and scale your workflow as you need.

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