QR Code Reader

Create your own QR Code Reader Application from scratch in minutes and send the results to any third-party tool in seconds.

Reads the QR code on the product in near real-time on any images, video, or live-stream and determines its position in the frame.

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Build your QR Code Reader App with a no-code platform. Thanks to the drag and drop feature of the platform, it will only take 3 minutes to integrate it into your own system.

Unmatched Speed & Accuracy

Reads the QR code on the frame in seconds and determine where the QR code is located. Compared to competitors, x3 works faster and offers you state-of-art technology.

Minimize Your Cost and Workforce

Don't need technical knowledge or more workforce. Just focus on the things that matter to you. Minimize your effort by automating QR Code reading. Save money and time by minimizing technical expertise thanks to the no-code platform.

Easily Scalable

Load balancing and synchronization are automated. It processes thousands of video streams simultaneously, regardless of the request size. Allows you to read up to 3x faster than dedicated devices and monitor real-time metrics.

Data Privacy And Security

Designed with privacy protection in mind. Cameralyze QR Code Reader  Solutions automate data privacy and security. Does not store data and allows you to quell all your privacy concerns.

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