AI Content Moderation For Social Media in 2022

AI Content Moderation For Social Media in 2022

In this article, we will talk about what is AI content moderation, why it is important, and AI content moderation's place in social media.
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AI Content Moderation For Social Media in 2022

The upcoming technological breakthrough in the current era is artificial intelligence (AI). Due to its capacity for pattern recognition and consequence prediction, artificial intelligence has a wide range of potential applications across numerous industries and sectors worldwide. As their operational efficiencies and overall competitiveness improve, more businesses are turning to AI technologies. Our daily lives also benefit from AI and machine learning (ML). Modern technology offers countless opportunities for a digital revolution in everyday life, from facial recognition to intelligent assistants, autonomous drones to interactive panels. If you want to try and start using AI-based content moderation, face recognition, and hundreds of other applications, take a look at the Cameralyze no-code platform. Build and start using your own AI-based application in minutes.

In this article, we will talk about what is AI content moderation, why it is important, and AI content moderation's place in social media.

AI Content Moderation

A billion photographs, posts, tweets, blogs, reviews, testimonials, comments, and videos are made and shared daily in our digital age on various social media platforms, e-commerce websites, business websites, and other communication channels. Users of these networks produce a large portion of the above content, which is frequently unregulated and necessitate constant supervision. They could include potentially harmful materials, including abuses, pornographic photos, nudity, racist slurs, or other undesirable material. They must be regulated, screened, and eliminated in order to safeguard and uphold fundamental rights.

A digital content moderation system is being greatly impacted by artificial intelligence, which brings a level of accuracy and precision that cannot be matched humanly. The content moderation teams or moderators can examine judgments for user-generated content with machine learning and algorithms to learn the existing data. In general, moderation is the process of keeping an eye on contributions and enforcing a set of guidelines that specify what may be accepted and what cannot. Also you can read our latest Why Content Moderation Important for Businesses article from here.

Although AI is an automated tool, compared to manual content moderation, the technology makes content moderation speedy, error-free, and accurate. To prevent spam and other irrelevant information, the majority of organizations and corporations are now adopting AI content moderation.

AI Image Content Moderation

Why Do We Need AI Content Moderation?

A remarkable 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are posted to the internet daily. And regardless of whether you manage a dating site, gaming platform, or any type of social media or platform, you are aware of how frequently offensive or damaging content is submitted. A limited volume of user-generated content might be manageable for a team of rapidly working human moderators. But if a moderator allows even one instance of toxic behavior, such as harassment or hate speech, your reputation will be ruined. In the long term, it may put your users at risk if undesirable content gets past your moderators.

Artificial intelligence can be helpful in this situation. AI may be trained to recognize specific word patterns and content patterns. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained to recognize offensive language, sexual content, bullying, violence, spam, and fraud on your website. AI moderators gain excellent samples of what is and isn't allowed content on your site by looking at what human moderators think is problematic.

What Is AI Content Moderation Used For Social Media?

When we look at social media technological developments in history, ai content moderation is a leading initiative. Artificial intelligence is incorporated into business strategies that enhance user engagement and influence brand identity. Along with AI, machine learning is a key component of this system. AI systems need to process a lot of user data when machine learning techniques are in use if they are to provide new tools.

These machine learning techniques can achieve this by receiving training from labeled datasets, such as web pages, social media posts, instances of speech in many languages, and from various communities, etc. If the dataset is correctly labeled by the machine learning model task (recommendation, classification, or prediction), the finished tools will be able to understand the communication of different groups and recognize offensive content.

The AI content moderation systems used by Facebook and YouTube, two of the largest social media platforms, were designed to filter out pornographic and graphically violent content. They succeeded in raising their profile and growing their business as a result.

What Are The Challenges Of Content Moderation In Social Media, and How Does AI Help?

It is becoming more and more challenging for human moderators to handle large amounts of information due to the continuous rise in user-generated information. As social media alters user expectations, who may become more demanding and less tolerant of rules and norms for the sharing of online content, the challenge for moderators to manually verify online content is even more difficult. Manual moderation can be extremely uncomfortable due to the possibility of continually subjecting human moderators to distressing content. AI content moderation comes into play here.

Scalability And Speed

Humans will hardly be able to keep up with the amount of user-generated content that is available. In today's world, social media content moderation has become more complicated than when the internet became famous. Facebook was the first platform to gain popularity among young users. At the time when Facebook gained popularity, people could not reach all information in a short time or comment.

However, in today's world, everything has become understandable through social media. Even Twitter has increased the font limit so that its users can interact more and access more information. YouTube currently has 1.8 billion users. Even TikTok, which is ahead of all platforms, already has 26.5 million users. What human power could control so many people? But AI can offer scalable data handling across several channels in real time. In terms of the sheer amount and volume of user-generated content it can scan and detect, AI can outperform humans. Ai is scalable and quickly handles big data in content moderation when content moderation becomes aforementioned.

Automation And Content Filtering

Given the enormous amount of user-generated data, manually editing material becomes difficult and calls for scalable solutions. Texts, images, and videos may all be automatically analyzed for harmful content using AI content moderation. Additionally, AI content moderation supports human moderators. Also, it ensures that content security is protected by examining content with inappropriate words as soon as possible.

Less Exposure To Harmful Content

Human moderators deal with problematic content daily, and their intervention is frequently questioned by users who believe human moderators' decisions are biased. Because there is so much offensive content available, moderation is difficult for people to do and may have negative psychological consequences. AI can support human moderators by filtering questionable content for human review, saving content moderation teams the time and effort of going through all the user-reported content and minimizing the exposure of humans to distressing material. AI can increase the productivity of human labor by facilitating the quicker, more accurate, and error-free management of online content.

Image Content Moderation with Cameralyze

Cameralyze AI Content Moderation

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Here is a guide to help you build your own content moderation application on the Cameralyze platform.


AI content moderation can secure moderators from offensive material, enhance user and brand safety, and streamline operations by relieving human moderators of repetitive and unpleasant jobs at various levels of content moderation through the use of different automated technologies.

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