Computer Vision and AI on EDGE

In this article, we will discuss what the relationship between Computer Vision and AI on Edge technology.
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Computer Vision and AI on EDGE

When network connectivity is unavailable, network latency is insufficient, or there is a requirement for local processing due to regulatory, privacy, and security concerns, or when all of these factors are present, today's standard cloud-based AI approach is not an option.

Edge AI, which means that AI calculations performed locally on "EDGE" with poor or no network connectivity using locally acquired data, represents a viable alternative under these circumstances, subject to the computing and data processing limitations of the edge device in question. 

The world - wide edge computing market is expected to reach $1.12 trillion by 2023, with Edge AI enabling robotic, self-driving vehicles, drones, personalized smartphones, and localized medical imaging applications playing a significant role.  

And all of these are reasons enough for us to examine the Edge AI field.

Overview of AI on EDGE

The appearance of COVID-19 in our lives has caused many companies to reorganize their existing applications and try something new. For some, "something new" meant the first attempt to integrate artificial intelligence (AI). However, the next step could be applying edge computing to those who have already applied AI to regular business. Edge computing is an excellent option for companies whose applications rely on computer vision. Our last blog post talked about what Edge is and where it is used, and you can click here to read.
Many of you have heard of computer vision and edge computing, but I'll share some definitions for those who haven't. If we simply explain it, Edge computing is the practice of processing data close to the data source, which often makes processing faster and more efficient.
In contrast, computer vision is a data processing method in which computers analyze images or videos to gain information. While migrating computer vision software to edge devices is not new, the implications for businesses have never been more significant. The advantages of processing data close to its source should not be overlooked, whether for small-scale or industrial-level applications.

AI Adoption in 2022

In some scenarios, running computer vision software at the Edge is necessary, not a luxurious. Especially, time-oriented tasks such as autonomous driving have zero tolerance for problems that arise because data processing is not done close to the source. Using time and resources to implement edge computing makes sense in such scenarios. But computer vision at the Edge has recently become popular in most industries. 

Here is some example of usage areas

• Emotion Detection 

• Image Classification

• Human Security and Safety and more. 

We can honestly say that the Cameralyze no-code platform has become an indispensable part of strategic next-generation services, especially in an industrial sense. Vision-supported platforms aim to increase human potential, reduce workload and increase human safety. By adopting computer vision, Cameralyze allows you to process images and perform real-time analysis on a no-code platform. Let's look at how EDGE is implemented in Human Security and Safety.

Human Security and Safety with EDGE

The danger in the workplace can take many forms. Today, we face an invisible threat in the form of a microscopic threat. However, we typically deal with more significant and obvious hazards that vary from job site to job site. While some dangers are obvious, some dangers are not. 

Let's proceed with an example to make it easier for you to imagine. Imagine an open pit mine. Huge excavators, dump trucks, and wheel loaders haul tons of overload to extract the precious minerals inside the mine. Many people immediately think about the safety of the equipment operator and the dangers of managing heavy, complex machinery. However, there is another, less obvious, serious, and real danger. These vehicles mostly have some blind spots, which puts the operator at risk and poses a critical threat to other workers working nearby. If everyone on site is not careful, the unexpected equipment change can cause serious injury, even if not life-threatening.

Accidents can and should be avoided.

Workplace hazards have existed since the dawn of human civilization. However, our approach to risk has shifted. In most cases, responsibility for safety has shifted from the worker to the employer. Rules, processes, and policies now protect workers, and if the proper precautions are not taken, the employer is held liable for damages. 

It is precisely for this reason that using the most up-to-date technology possible to ensure the safety of every employee, that is, the use of EDGE at this point, should become the moral and legal obligation of every organization.

Protect your employees with cutting-edge knowledge

Instantaneous insights into the environment and potential hazards are critical for fully protecting workers. Workers are unable to take proactive measures unless they have them. Workers will need a comprehensive solution that consolidates data from multiple sources and delivers it quickly to where it is needed. Frequently, systems are not in place to collect, consolidate, and analyze data. In many situations, cell phones are either a dangerous distraction or are inoperable.

Cameralyze EDGE for Enterprises

Cameralyze Edge runs the application you designed on AI Studio with a single button on your Edge Devices and runs image systems without storing or transmitting image or video data, without the need for technical knowledge or processing. It also protects sensitive visuals. For example, suppose you own or work for a large-scale company that requires large-scale video analysis, CCTV footage from security cameras, factories that require real-time analysis, and businesses that must comply with privacy regulations. In that case, Cameralyze EDGE is the perfect choice for you!

EDGE in 5 Steps: 

1. Build your no-code application with AI Studio.

 2. Connect your security camera.

 3. Run on edge devices or run your application on your own server.

 4. Get near real-time results

In Conclusion

We understand that worker safety is essential for a successful operation. Now, systems powered by edge computing will provide employees with the confidence they need to carry out their tasks while helping to ensure compliance. At this point, Cameralyze comes into play. Cameralyze provides you with all these solutions from a single platform wherever you need it, in large factories, construction sites, occupational safety, and many other points. 

So, whether you're integrating your live stream to keep your staff working safely in accordance with safety guidelines or monitoring heavy equipment and your field workers to reduce accidents and injuries in the field, Cameralyze EDGE will always be there to provide you with the support you need.

Moreover, Cameralyze continues to provide innovative technologies to help organizations and their people gain the intelligence and insights they need to act decisively for the benefit of their target markets and our environment. Cameralyze's vision is to help make the world and work environments safer, whether the threat is small or a huge transport vehicle.

Now try Cameralyze no-code platform and benefit from various applications and ensure human security and safety!

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