How to Build Content Moderation Application on Cameralyze?

In this post, we will go into detail by building a content moderation application with the Cameralyze no-code platform.
Alan Kilich
2 minutes

How to Build Content Moderation Application on Cameralyze?

Content Moderation is slightly important if you want to get rid of the NSFW content on your platform or website. There are a few ways to handle content moderation. You can moderate the content by hand which is trusty but takes too much time or you can use a 3rd party application to do it for you.
Unfortunately, you may encounter some difficulties either way. Instead, it's best to secure your website with both human moderation and 3rd party moderation.  Here, too, the third-party software you choose is very crucial.
But what if I told you that there is a reliable and quick solution for all?

Today, I will talk about AI-based Cameralyze's content moderation service. You can watch the video and see the step-by-step guide below. If you're ready, let's start!

Step-by-Step Guide

1- Here is the dashboard of Cameralyze that allows you to nearly create any application related to computer vision technology! But today I want to create a content moderation application so the thing that I need to do is to click the ‘’New Application’’ button and go!

2- Once we start off creating a new application, this screen welcomes us! It wants us to choose a trigger method to run my application. Here, I want to use a folder that I uploaded my visuals first so I will go with ‘’Trigger for a Selected Folder’’.

3- I chose some images that I wanted to check if they are NSFW or not and uploaded them into a folder in the system beforehand.
In this screen, I need to select a folder so I will go with that folder I created before named ‘’Content Moderation’’. 

4- After choosing the triggering folder, I need to choose the application type in the second step. Of course, content moderation is there!

5- In the third and last step, the system wants us to choose an output way. Thanks to Cameralyze’s advanced technology, you can send the results to an API, to a spreadsheet or you can even get Slack messages about it. I prefer to see the results on a spreadsheet so I will choose it.

6- Here, you can create a new spreadsheet or use a current one. 

7- And it's done, your application is ready! Isn’t it that easy and fast? Do not forget to turn on it.

8- Even though the application is ready, I wanted to check it quickly so I clicked the ‘’Preview’’ button to upload an image and test my new application!

9- Yes! It is working very well. I uploaded an image with guns and got a notification saying ‘’violence’’. That’s wild, right??

If you need a Content Moderation solution, Cameralyze is here. Click here and enjoy the AI-Based Computer Vision technologies!

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