How to Build Demographic Analysis Application on Cameralyze?

How to Build Demographic Analysis Application on Cameralyze?

In this post, we will go into detail by building a demographic analysis application with the Cameralyze no-code platform.
Alan Kilich
2 minutes

How to Build Demographic Analysis Application on Cameralyze?

Customer data is very important especially for B2C organizations. So demographic analyzes are one of the most important metrics in terms of predicting the target customer profile as well as information of customers such as the trends and preferences.
Also, having the data of the age ranges and genders of your customers is an essential part of a good marketing strategy.

Demographic analysis is often a daunting and difficult task. But with its artificial intelligence supported solution, Cameralyze offers it in the easiest way for you.

Thanks to the Cameralyze no-code platform, demographic analysis of your customers takes seconds. Let's see together how Cameralyze Demographic Analyze works!

Step-by-Step Guide of Cameralyze Demographic Analysis Application

1- Here is the dashboard of Cameralyze. We are creating a demographic analysis application so the thing that I need to do is to click the ‘’New Application’’ button and go to the next page!

2- In the next step, I need to choose a trigger method to run my application. Here, I want to use a folder where I uploaded my images beforehand so I will go with ‘’Trigger for a Selected Folder’’. 

3- In the next step, I need to choose a certain folder as I chose the ‘’Trigger for Selected Folder’’ option.

4- After choosing the triggering folder, I need to choose the application type in the second step. For object detection, you need to choose the ‘’Age & Gender Detection ’’ application.

5- In the third step, I need to decide the action. You can also choose a way to get the results. You can send the results to an API, to a spreadsheet or you can even get Slack messages thanks to Cameralyze’s advanced technology!  Here, I want to send the results to an API.

6-  You can create a new API or use the one you’ve already created before. I have one named ‘’Test API’’. I want to send the results there.

7- My application is ready now! It takes seconds to set it. It is all no-code and you don’t even have to download and run the application. 

8- My application is ready, but let’s test it and see the preview.

After clicking the ‘’Preview’’ button and uploading an image, you can test your own application too!

9- Here is the result, awesome! Application gives me the gender and age very accurately. (98.64% accuracy)
If you want to try the Demographic Analysis solution of Cameralyze, click here and see power of AI-Based Computer Vision technology!

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