How to Build Object Detection Application on Cameralyze?

In this post, we will go into detail by building an object detection application with the Cameralyze no-code platform.
Alan Kilich
2 minutes

How to Build Object Detection Application on Cameralyze?

One of the most important subfields of deep learning and computer vision is object detection. Understanding object detection has benefited from a variety of computer vision applications, such as object tracking, video surveillance, image caption and segmentation, radiology, and many more.
Even though it has a variety of applications, employing object detection is not that difficult thanks to AI-Based Cameralyze Object Detection Solution.

Today, we are examining the no-code object detection solution of Cameralyze. Let's go!

Step-By-Step Guide of Object Detection Application

1- Here is the dashboard of Cameralyze. We are creating an object detection application so the thing that I need to do is to click the ‘’New Application’’ button and go to the next page!

2- In the next step, I need to choose a trigger method to run my application. Here, I want to use a folder where I uploaded my images beforehand so I will go with ‘’Trigger for a Selected Folder’’. 

3- In the next step, I need to choose a certain folder as I chose the ‘’Trigger for Selected Folder’’ option.

By the way, you can go with ‘Video file’ or 'Image file’ as well. I need to detect objects in my images so I will select ‘’Image File’’ under the ‘’Select File Type’’ section.

4- After choosing the triggering folder, I need to choose the application type in the second step. For object detection, you need to choose ‘’General Object Detection’’ application.

5- In the third step, I need to decide the action. You can also choose a way to get the results. You can send the results to an API, to a spreadsheet or you can even get Slack messages thanks to Cameralyze’s advanced technology! 

6- Here, I want the objects drawn on the images and saved to the ‘’Results of Object Detection’’ folder. 

7- My application is ready now! It takes only seconds to set it. Here we can go now and detect some objects on the images!!

8- I know that my application is ready, but what do I lose if i check it?

After clicking the ‘’Preview’’ button and uploading an image, I tested my new application!

9- Look at those cute green rectangles! Lots of benches on it, right? :) 

Give it a try to Cameralyze No-Code Object Detection Solution Today!

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