New Release August 1, 2022

In this article, we will talk about the updates we made in the first week of August and the new features added.
Yasmin Us
1 minıute

We have big update news for you this week. Let's take a look together!

1. UX improvements on the Application Builder

We shortened application building processes with our simpler interface and structure. Now building apps is much easier than before!

2. Changing Colour Scale

Added the ability to convert pictures to black and white format. In this way, you can change the colour scale of many pictures at the same time in seconds, or you can change the colour scale of the picture while designing the system, and then move on to other steps.

3. Added Rotate Images Feature

You can now batch rotate images! It is a significant feature that can be used to increase the depth of the dataset!

4. You can now add various noises to images

It is also a significant feature that can be used to increase the depth of the dataset!

5. Added Ability to Resize Images

You can resize the pictures in bulk or the images added to the application.

6. New Blur Types

Different types have been added to the system for the blurring action. Thanks to that feature, you can choose the blurring technique you want and apply it in a few seconds.

7. Added Image Hashing Systems

We included Image Hashing systems used in image searches. This feature allows you to design different applications to find similar images.

8. Added Slack Integration

Slack integration has been added to the platform. You can now send your app results to slack.

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