New Release August 15

New Release August 15

In August, new integrations and new application types were added to our no-code platform. If you're curious about what they are, keep reading.
Yasmin Us
1 minute

It should be no surprise that No-Code AI is one of our favorite topics to talk about!
New features continue to be added to the Cameralyze No-Code platform!

1. It is now possible to keep track of your applications, thanks to the "History" feature.

You can see which application you use on which day, the number of applications you have run, and how many frames you have processed, and you can also filter them according to what you want!

2. New Application Type: Barcode Reader

You can create your own barcode reading application in minutes according to your needs and start using it.

3. New Integration: Slack

4. New Feature: Send Message to Slack
You can add Slack integration to the application you have created with a single click and send the alerts you add to the application as a message to the slack channel you want. Let's say you use the Cameralyze Face Recognition system for access control in your company. When using this application, you want to be notified at the same time after detecting unrecognized faces. It is now possible to send this alarm to your most frequently used third-party tool! You can send notifications to any Slack channel with any message.

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