New Release July 4, 2022

New Release July 4, 2022

Kicking this week off with other huge updates! If you're wondering what those updates are, keep reading.
Yasmin Us
1 minute

New Application Type: Real-Time Barcode Detection

Build your Real-Time Barcode Detection Application that will quickly detect and read the number, text, and ID on the barcode and respond in real time from the no-code platform according to your needs. Application speed can up to 4x faster than dedicated devices in challenging light or at angles, even damaged labels, across multiple codes, on image, video, or live stream. Get the highest accuracy rate with the Cameralyze state-of-art Barcode Detection Solutions.

New Application Type: Demographic Analysis

Detects people's age and gender in any image, video or live stream using AI-based Facial Recognition solutions. It allows you to know your potential and existing customers’ demographic profiles and provide personalized and exceptional customer service according to your visitors’ preferences.
Collect data about your visitors, customize content based on their profile, and target your customers. For gender recognition; certain characteristic features in human faces distinguish female faces from male ones. Cameralyze uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to provide you with gender detection in real-time. It allows you to build engaging customer experiences and maximize their satisfaction and for age recognition; landmarks such as pupil location, eye corners, lip boundaries, and so on change with age. Cameralyze solutions were trained on an extensive database of different faces to estimate a person's age based on such features. Age estimation accuracy up to +/- 4 years.

Newly Added: Application Sharing Feature

You can share the application you built with your team by activating the "Share" button and copying the link. The person you share the link with can automatically run the application and test it by uploading a sample image. If they want to use the application, they should only click the "Save the Application" button. Share the application you created with your team, community, or anyone you want with a single link and without the hassle of downloading.

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