New Release June 21, 2022

We are constantly improving ourselves to provide you with a better service! Let's take a look at the improvements and new releases we made this week.
Yasmin Us
2 minutes

Face Recognition is now live

You can define people in the system and flow according to these people. With the Cameralyze Facial Recognition System, you can provide unparalleled levels of security, safety, and performance. To determine whether a set of faces belongs to the same person, Cameralyze Facial Recognition System use facial features such as the distance between person's eyes, the shape of  nose, or the contour of person's cheekbones.

Age and Gender Analysis Publishing

In seconds, you can analyze people's age and gender from an image, video, or live stream. Gender analysis provides information that recognizes that gender, and its connection with race, ethnicity, culture, class, age, disability. Gender analysis is an important component of socioeconomic analysis. In the application presented to you, Cameralyze offer the opportunity to process many images, videos or live streams at the same time and perform age and gender analysis.

Facial Emotion Recognition is also live now

Cameralyze offers the most accurate and automated system for identifying human emotions from facial expressions, several specific properties in facial images, videos, or live-stream, including the universal expressions:happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, calm, and confused using Artificial Intelligent. This solutions can immediately analyze your data (live-stream, video, or images), saving valuable time. It only takes 3 minutes to integrate it into your system.

Other improvements are:

1. The Files system on the platform has been updated.

2. Made some improvements to the Application Builder page to improve the user experience.

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