New Release June 28, 2022

New Release June 28, 2022

Our team continues to work hard to bring the future one step closer to you. Check out the new developments we have made for you.
Yasmin Us
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New Application Type: Content Moderation

Content Moderation application allows you to solve your content NSFW troubles in 3 minutes with Cameralyze! Moderate and filter all your content in real-time. Automatically detect objectionable images, videos, gifs, texts or live. We now bring the most intelligent way to identify unwanted content in creatures such as the unsuspecting. Recognize the unwanted content from the suspect in images, videos, gifs, texts, or live like explicit nudity, suggestive, violence, visually disturbing, rude gestures, drug, gambling, hate symbols, weapon, extremism, scammers, etc.

New Application Type: Human Detection

Using our newly added application type, you can now perform surveillance work remotely, saving costs and improving staff working conditions and well-being. Integrating AI-Based Human Detection Technology, identify a human from far away and detect a tiny human. Achieve accurate results even under challenging conditions. The solution approach uses live streaming video data that provides immediate risk detection.

New Application Type: General Object Detection

We have thoroughly enriched our application types! You can detect any object in your images. Thanks to our experts and artificial intelligence, you can recognize more than 300 different objects (car, flower, etc.) Cameralyze expedites your AI process without sacrificing quality so your team can focus on innovation.

Newly Added: Preview Mode

We care about the feedback we receive from our users. While building your application, you can now preview it according to the application type you selected. Age, Gender, Face Recognition, Face Detection, Face Blurring, Content Moderation, and more now preview the result of your chosen application with one click.


We know that we have many users dealing with large-scale data. For this reason, JSON RESPONSE live now! You can get your application result with a single request which contains an image file. Furthermore, you can integrate your application into the existing system within 2 minutes!

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