Object Detection and Person Detection in Computer Vision

In this article, we will talk about the object and people detection solutions, how they operate and how you can use them for your business.
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Object Detection and Person Detection in Computer Vision

Object detection and person detection are among the most recent and popular features of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies. These technological developments can be used by governments, managers, companies, and even small businesses for security and business development purposes. One of the main reasons behind the popular use of technologies and their widespread use in a short time is that they provide excellent business development and profit opportunities for different businesses. This article will take a closer look at object detection and person detection processes.

How To Detect People Using Computer Vision?

Person detection technology is a branch of object detection technology. This process results in detecting the "location of the person" as an object and marking the area in which the person is located. The technology has a very complex working principle. In particular, human detection results from the processes of very high-level machine learning tasks.

People detection is based on object detection systems that can "detect human classification," i.e., have the data and training to classify the detected object as human. Deep learning techniques underlie the technologies. One of the fundamental reasons why deep learning techniques enable this development is that these systems can learn on their own based on data, and deep learning layers work similarly to the human brain.

Person detection is used in many different sectors. These can be listed as security, insurance, nursing, health, and production. Technologies offer opportunities that can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

People detection processes start with the detection of people on video or image. After this detection, "objects classified as human," in other words, objects that will be classified as human afterward, are separated from the background and marked. This marking means that people are enclosed in a thin rectangular frame.

The most crucial point that makes people detection a very complex process is that people are of different sizes. In addition, the process is quite complicated because people will move, and there will be people with many various features in the detection to be made on video.

All that aside, Cameralyze takes care of all this magic for you and gives you a no-code platform. Thanks to this AI-based no-code platform, it allows you to focus on your own work rather than worrying about the background processes.

The How and What of Human Detection

We can explain how person detection is done in three short steps. Let's take a look at these steps:

·   People are selected by separating them from the background.

·   The selected people are categorized according to their properties; our class is "people", "human" or ''person''.

·   The length and width features of the located people are determined, and their boundaries are drawn.

Different methods can be used to detect people. For example, face shape can be used for people detection, while skin color and texture are among the preferred features in this method. It is also possible to make gesture-based identification and body shape-based identification.

Object detection and Person detection

How to Use Object Detection?

We have already stated that object detection is a beneficial technology. Now let's examine a little bit how this technology is used.

Object recognition is a computer vision technique to identify and locate objects in an image or video. For example, object recognition draws bounding boxes around detected objects, allowing us to find where they are (or how they move) in a given scene. Object detection is a very complex task involving visual classification and object localization.

Object localization helps detect the searched objects, and visual classification helps correct labeling and detect the selected categories. For example, the people detection function results from identifying and labeling objects belonging to the "human" class. Determines the presence of objects with the box in the image and the types and categories of the objects found. For example:

Entry: An image containing one or more objects, such as a photograph. Result: One or more bounding boxes and a class label for each bounding box.

If you are wondering how to use this technology, you can start easily with Cameralyze and see how does it work. Object detection and people detection technologies are quite complicated technologies to operate. Deep learning methods are generally used to run these technologies. In order to use these methods, it is necessary to be quite professional. Since these technologies are high-level algorithms, it is not easy to create these algorithms. It is not enough to create algorithms, and they need to be fed with very rich data. Since very large amounts of data are required, it isn't easy to produce these algorithms. Therefore, using object detection and human.

Detection functions may sound complicated, and no-code artificial intelligence platforms can be used to utilize such technologies. For example, with Cameralyze, it is possible to use both object and human detection functions during a free trial! Thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly interface, you can easily use these services for your business and save time and money. Moreover, it can work on visual, video, and live broadcasts.

Applications of Human Detection vs. Object Detection

We have mentioned object detection and people detection technologies in detail. Let's take a look at the usage areas of these technologies.

Before we begin, we should point out that: Although these technologies have the same technical basis, the application areas of the technologies are quite different. Even in the same sectors, these two technologies are used for various purposes.

We mentioned that object detection is used in many different areas. For example:

Object tracking: This function is used mainly in sports and production. In sports, especially in team sports, the object tracking feature is used to track the ball and make the right decision. On the other hand, in mass production, this function can also be used to track the production line and the objects on the line.

Identification of vehicles: This purpose is used quite often, especially in traffic monitoring using smart vehicles. Detecting and tracking vehicles' location, speed, and speed provides many conveniences.

On the other hand, person detection can be used in many different areas.

Pro Tip: If you discover how does person detection work you can check this article.

Firstly, the first area that comes to mind for all of us is probably security. People detection is frequently used for security, not only by countries and large companies but also by small businesses. Counting people in the shop and in front of the shop is very important for small businesses. Thanks to this human detection feature, they can get statistics about their business and make the right decisions in business development processes.

For this reason, people detection is also frequently used in this field. In addition, people counting is often the preferred technology in organizations such as festivals and rallies where participant statistics are required. Person detection function is also used to ensure safety in automated vehicles. In order to avoid accidents, the vision cameras of the vehicles detect people on the road and prevent possible accidents.

Person Detection vs. Object Detection

How To Set Your Probability of Success?

For object detection algorithms to work successfully, they need to be prepared very carefully. There are some points to be considered at this point. If you are preparing the algorithm yourself, the quantity and quality of the data used are significant. Algorithms need large amounts of data, i.e., "samples," to learn. In order to be able to classify, the number of samples they need to see from certain classes is relatively high. In addition, the quality of the data entered is crucial, as well as the quantity.

Correctly labeled data means a correctly trained algorithm. The following four important points are the essential points you should pay attention to when preparing a successful object detection and people detection algorithm.

·  The volume of data and the training level of the model.

·  Kind of analysis is conducted on the visual.

·  The quality of the entered data.

·  Object size relative to the whole image.

Understanding Facial Detection vs. Facial Recognition

From a technical point of view, face detection and face recognition have certain similarities. However, these similarities do not mean that the two technical features are identical. This section will look at the differences between these two applications.

Face recognition is the recognition of faces based on specific features of people's faces. In other words, the individual characteristics of people's faces are in the foreground here, and the face is identified. On the other hand, face detection is the location of people's faces on an image, video, or live broadcast. In face detection, no result is obtained about who the face belongs to. The characteristic features of the face are not in the foreground. The only thing that can be detected is whether there is a face on the image. If you would like to create ai based face detection and face recognition application, you can easily create with Cameralyze.

How To Use Computer Vision Applications For Your Business?

Computer vision based technologies can be significant for your business. As we mentioned in other parts of the article, these technologies are frequently used in many different sectors and offer precise solutions to quite different problems. If you want to use these technologies, algorithms are the first thing you need to solve. Working with algorithms can be quite difficult if you do not have professional employees or personal experience in this field or if your work needs to be completed quickly. Moreover, employing a professional employee in this field is a highly costly solution. Instead, you can use Cameralyze, a no-code platform that offers you all these and similar artificial intelligence solutions. You can experience functions such as people detectionobject detection, face detection and face recognition, and much more with a free trial and continue to use it at very low prices! With its user-friendly interface, Cameralyze provides you with fast economic solutions. Try Cameralyze now to automate your business without any coding knowledge or manual work by clicking here!

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