The Role of AI in Content Moderation

This post will go through the role of AI in content moderation, discuss the impact of AI in content moderation, and give you some content moderation services.
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The Role of AI in Content Moderation

There are currently almost 5 billion people using the internet, which is expected to continue growing. Most of these internet users want a safe experience when they visit their favorite social media platforms or online retailers. There are specific rules that both users and content creators must follow within this mass of content. So this content must be regulated in some way. 

But who makes these rules, and why?

The answer is content moderationThe primary purpose of content moderation is to eliminate anything that could be construed as harmful, sexually explicit, abusive, fake, or unfavorable to business interests. Companies used to rely on human moderators, but with the proliferation of both users and content, this approach is no longer practical. It takes time.

Instead, businesses are putting money into machine learning strategies to develop algorithms that can automatically moderate the content. AI-based content moderation paves the way for rapid scalability for online businesses and user-centric optimization of content moderation.

In this article, we will go through the role of AI in content moderation, discuss the impact of AI in content moderation, and give you content moderation services.

A Brief Intro to Content Moderation

In content moderation, the online platform screens and monitors user-generated content, following its rules and guidelines to determine whether or not the content should be made public.

When a user submits content to a website, it's screened to ensure it's legal, appropriate, and not harassing. There are different types of content moderation, including AI-powered content moderation.

But, what exactly is AI-based content moderation?

AI content moderation uses a machine learning model built from data about the online platform to find and remove unwanted user-generated content quickly and accurately. An AI content moderator can automatically decide whether to reject, approve, or escalate content in a very accurate way.

Impact of AI on Content Moderation

As the amount of user-generated content keeps growing, it becomes increasingly challenging for human moderators to handle all of it. With the rise of social media, users' expectations have shifted, and they may be less understanding of the need for rules and guidelines when sharing content online. Additionally, the potential for human moderators to be repeatedly exposed to upsetting content can make manual moderation quite unpleasant. The solution is AI-driven content moderation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can significantly improve efficiency when applied to the content moderation process. In this case, artificial intelligence-powered systems can automatically analyze and classify potentially harmful content, thereby accelerating and improving the moderation process as a whole.

● For instance, AI-based content moderation can be used to improve the accuracy of restraint. It can help at the pre-moderation stage by flagging content for human moderators to look at.

Simple methods in which the fingerprint of an image is compared to harmful images already in the database; and keyword filtering, in which harmful words can be flagged to get rid of the content. Also, harmful content can be flagged by looking for objects and understanding what is happening in a scene.

●  AI can boost human moderators' productivity and help moderators prioritize harmful content for review.

●  AI can improve training data performance. AI techniques such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) can easily create new and original images, video, audio, or text that can be used to flag potentially harmful content for users. When an AI-based moderation system provides adequate training, these images can be replaced with existing samples. This will improve accuracy and reduce reliance on anonymized content.

Services for Content Moderation

The impact of AI on content moderation is obvious, and you should choose the best quality content moderation services. Here are some AI-based content moderation tools:

1. Imagga: The content moderation solution provided by Imagga has a potential application for businesses that rely heavily on large quantities of user-generated content. The Imagga platform automatically filters potentially harmful content, which can be applied to images and videos.


2. Analytics provides high-quality content moderation. The company uses top-quality content moderation software and human skills to ensure all image, video, or social media content adheres to partner guidelines. It offers a customized solution, accuracy, and budget-friendly resources.

How Can Cameralyze Help?

By moderating and filtering all of your content in real-time, Cameralyze's Content Moderation solutions allow you to resolve NSFW content issues quickly. It automatically detects objectionable images, videos, gifs, texts, and even live content.

To improve the efficiency of your human moderation team, Cameralyze can be easily integrated into your workflow. The entire process from start to finish(including installing it) takes less than three minutes. Cameralyze differs from other content moderation services because of its no-code AI design and user-friendliness. Cameralyze's powerful design tool allows them to provide you with a ready-to-use system.

Cameralyze Content Moderation Solutions combine AI with human expertise to check images for compliance with corporate standards.

Cameralyze is capable of highly accurate and high-quality moderation of any type of media in any format, including but not limited to images, videos, gifs, texts, and live content. The more you use the platform, the better the AI-powered algorithms identify the inappropriate content you typically encounter.

Find out more about Cameralyze's AI-based Content Moderation solution and how we can help you with your content moderation requirements.

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