What Is Human Detection and How Does It Work?

What Is Human Detection and How Does It Work?

In this blog, we will focus on human detection technology. A look at how to use the technology and what solutions are available to you.
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What Is Human Detection and How Does It Work?

Technologies such as object detection, face recognition, and human detection have developed rapidly in recent years and have become widely used. Among these AI-based technologies, human detection has many uses.

What is human detection technology? How does it work and where is it used? What are the ideal solutions for human detection technologies? You can find the answers in the article.

What Is Human Detection?

In the simplest terms, human detection is the detection of the location of people on an image, video, or security camera recording (this recording can be live or not) by artificial intelligence technologies. Human detection has emerged with the development of artificial intelligence technologies and computer vision. It is a special form of object detection and object localization.

We need to distinguish between human detection and facial recognition. First of all, people detection is the mere localization of people in an image. This feature is not used for identification and does not perform detailed analysis to distinguish any personal characteristics of the located people. The aim here is to identify the people in the image, their locations, and even their numbers.

This technology is used for many different purposes, from the development of marketing strategies to personal security and even country and border security. One of the most common areas where human detection is used in occupational safety. Human detection technologies provide effective use for different purposes. 

How Does Human Detection Work? 

Let's take a look at how human detection technology works. We mentioned that the technology is based on computer vision and artificial intelligence. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are widely used in the background of this technology.

Deep learning systems known as Convolution Neural Networks, which resemble the neural layers of the human brain, can self-learn processes such as visual classification, object detection, and object localization from data. Algorithms have learned to detect objects, and later on people. Object detection is at the heart of human detection. We can explain how this process works by simplifying it into three steps:

1.      Objects (in this case people) are selected by the AI and separated from the background.

2.      Selected objects are classified. Classification is based on previously learned data and labels. In this example, our class is "people".

3.      The located people are marked by placing them in boxes on the visual/image/ video.

Human detection is a highly complex function. The fact that people are often moving has many different movement possibilities, and come in different shapes and forms, as well as skin colors, that is, they are complex and different objects, are among the reasons that make it difficult for algorithms to detect people.

Fortunately, human detection is a feature of AI that is nowadays quite successfully executed and utilized. People's detection is usually based on the difference in texture and color. These are the only features that make them stand out from the background. The pixels, which are the basis of machine perception, change according to these features and the machine can detect the object/human by separating it from the background.

Human Detection Applications

We have a basic understanding of how human detection works and where human detection technology is used. Here are some human detection applications:

People Counting

Identifying and quantifying people in crowds is a very difficult task. That means it's hard for both humans and machines. Many important functions you can think of, such as determining how many people attend a concert, rally, meeting, or festival and obtaining statistics, or determining the number of people in the emergency gathering area in the event of a disaster, can be done thanks to people detection solutions.

Pedestrian Detection

It is important to determine the functionality of a street or to identify and count the number of pedestrians crossing the street for security reasons only. Pedestrian detection is one of the most important uses of human detection. It makes effective use of both object detection and motion detection technologies.

Person Tracking

People tracking is an important function of people detection. This function is often used for surveillance and security purposes. Object detection and people detection applications can track the movements of the located person/object for long periods. This provides a significant advantage in surveillance.

Gender Classification

Another important function of people identification is the ability to analyze issues such as gender and age. In this way, both security measures can be taken and very important insights can be obtained for business development processes.

As an example, it can be used for marketing purposes, you can analyze the gender of the people who come to your shop through your security camera recordings and you can change the product or interior architecture in the light of this data.

For detailed information on how your business can benefit from people detection and gender classification, please click here.

Energy Saving

By using vision systems to locate people in your workplace or smart home, you can ensure that heating and cooling systems are used at the right time and place. In this way, you will save energy. A simple-sounding solution like heating or cooling only the rooms where people are present can be implemented in a multi-story, multi-person building and save a lot of energy. 

Work Safety

Occupational safety is one of the most important human detection practices. It has functions that can save lives, especially in industries such as construction. For example, some people need to be detected and at the same time see if they are wearing important protective equipment such as helmets. By using human detection and object detection applications, occupational safety control can be easily achieved.


Human detection and motion detection technologies can be used very effectively in nursing homes and hospitals. This technology can be used to detect situations such as the elderly falling or fainting. This makes it possible to reach a solution early. 

A Solution For Human Detection: Cameralyze 

We have already mentioned that human detection is a very complex system, and while it is an extremely important and useful technology, it is also a difficult one for algorithms to learn. Nevertheless, it is vital to utilize human detection solutions for your business or security. This is where Cameralyze comes in.

Cameralyze's AI-Based real-time people detection solutions allow you to detect people on any video, image, or live security camera footage. Thanks to Cameralyze's ready-made system, you can benefit from AI solutions without the need for any technical background or technical staff.

The no-code platform is designed to be user-friendly with an extremely simple interface and is ready to take you on your no-code AI journey. With Cameralyze's human detection solutions:

  • Improve your security
  • Achieve fast and reliable results 

And all without any additional equipment.  Save time and money and improve your business with Cameralyze. The platform's user-friendly interface is there to provide you with customizable solutions. Click here to learn how to use Cameralyze human detection solutions.

Final Words

Human detection applications are essential for your security and business growth.  They are used effectively in many different areas. Developing a human detection algorithm can be extremely costly and time-consuming. That's why you can take advantage of Cameralyze's solutions. The user-friendly no-code platform saves you time and gives you access to all the solutions you need.

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