Zapier 101: What Is Zapier and How It Works?

Zapier 101: What Is Zapier and How It Works?

In this article, we'll go through Zapier's functionality, what it can do for your workflow, and the reasons for our decision to integrate Zapier with the Cameralyze Platform.
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What Is Zapier and How It Works?

The automation platform Zapier uses custom Zaps that you can develop. By connecting several applications and services, these Zaps can streamline your workflow and save you a ton of time. But it still leaves you with the unanswered question: What Zapier is exactly and how Zapier works? 

In this article, we'll go through Zapier's functionality, what it can do for your workflow, and the reasons for our decision to integrate Zapier with the Cameralyze Platform.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an internet tool that connects your favorite applications and services to automate operations. You can automate processes as a result without having to develop this integration yourself. or having this integration created for you by a professional.

As an illustration, once you publish an article, Zapier may automatically send out a customized post on your favorite social media platforms. The term "custom" refers to the fact that you get to choose once how and what these automated posts will say.

But not limited to this, Zapier can manage a lot of automated activities for various platforms or destinations thanks to its more than 2000+ destinations outside of Twitter.

It accomplishes this by enabling you to build automated processes called "Zaps," which are made up of a trigger and one or more actions. A new Zap that you create and activate will execute its action(s) each time the trigger event takes place. Returning to the earlier example, suppose you set up a Zap to send a certain notification whenever a new post is published. The trigger event in this scenario is the posting of a post, and the automatic response is the custom post.

How to Use Zapier: An Introduction

You must register for a Zapier account before using it. You may start a free account and use Zapier for up to 100 tasks per month. Keep in mind that a job is distinct from a Zap since a Zap can be created and utilized again. 

So, what uses is it to make a Zap for it if not?

You instruct this Zap to carry out a mission each time you activate it. That indicates that one Zap, which you use once each day, does around 30 jobs per month. Additionally, you have the option to select one of their subscription plans, which offers extra jobs each month.

How Do Zaps work?

The online interface of Zapier is used to construct commands or zaps. There are two fundamental components to every zap: 

  • a trigger 
  • an action.

In programming jargon, the trigger is the action that sets off the zap; it is the "if this happens..." portion of the process. There are endless triggers you may use as the foundation for a zap because Zapier integrates with more than 2,000 apps and services.

The occurrence that ends the zap is known as the action. Your task or workflow is made simpler by the automation and the "then do this" portion of the instruction.

When a new Jira card is added to your board, for instance, a zap might be written to create an event on Microsoft Teams, or it could be written to build a to-do list in an app like MS To-do-list based on emails you star or flag in Outlook.

A zap processes some data when it runs. Each time something occurs, it constitutes a task. This is crucial since the price tiers for Zapier are mostly determined by how many activities you execute each month.

You don't need any programming experience to employ Zapier because it isn't a conventional programming environment. It's more akin to a condensed version of a macro editor where all you have to do is specify the trigger and action and fill in the specifics of how the zap should operate. 

Zaps are simple to build and are often created by choosing items from dropdown menus. However, Zapier enables you to make multi-step zaps and completely personalize your zaps.

Why Zapier?

The purpose of Zapier automation tool is to assist you in developing a more intelligent and personalized workflow. help free up your time so you may concentrate on the crucial aspects of your business. 

Zapier allows connection with a huge variety of locations since everyone uses various applications or services during the course of their working day. Check out all the applications that Zapier works with if you're unsure whether your preferred app is included in this list.

This implies that Zapier can be used for a plethora of various purposes. As soon as you publish anything new, you can share it on LinkedIn, add events from other applications to your Google Calendar, or even get a notification in Slack when you get an email with an attachment that gets downloaded to your Dropbox instantly. 

Whatever automated activity can provide you more time to concentrate and relax at work.

Zapier Integration of Cameralyze

Thanks to the Cameralyze Zapier Integration, you can use a connection with Cameralyze between Zapier-supported applications, either send the results of the applications you create to the application you want, task your data, or benefit from real-time solutions.

With the Cameralyze Zapier integration, you focus on what really matters, growing your business, instead of wasting time between apps.

Try the Cameralyze Zapier integration for all Computer Vision solutions now!

Cost of Zapier

There are a variety of price tiers available for Zapier, from a free edition to big commercial deployments. Zapier is free to use, but you are not given access to any of the "premium" app connectors. About 60 applications are hidden behind Zapier's subscription barrier, including Google services, Shopify, Jira, Zendesk, MailChimp, PayPal, and Cameralyze. The available plans are shown below:

  • Free: If your needs are really basic, you may utilize Zapier's free plan to investigate it. You are allowed to utilize up to five single-step zaps per month for no more than 100 activities. No "premium" applications or services are accessible to you.
  • Starter: The $19.99/month Starter plan imposes a cap of 20 zaps and 750 tasks each month. You can get up to three paid applications and construct multi-step zaps. (You may pay $39 to upgrade to 1,500 jobs each month.)
  • Professional: You can send out an unlimited number of zaps starting at $49 per month. You receive 2,000 tasks per month at this pay level, but for $189 you may advance through four pay levels to receive 20,000 tasks per month.
  • Team: This plan starts at $299 per month and includes 50,000 tasks and unlimited Zaps. (There are several tiers, with the highest offering 2,000,000 jobs for $3,499 per month.) Additional features at this level include shared workspaces for team collaboration.
  • Company: The top tier escalates up to $3,599 for 2,000,000 tasks and starts at $599 per month for 100,000 tasks. It provides live training services in addition to cutting-edge enterprise administration capabilities like single sign-on and account consolidation.

In Closing

In conclusion, Zapier is an automation platform that enables you to automate certain steps in your process. It is entirely up to you which components to use and how this automation appears. However, it does enable you to save time and concentrate on the tasks that demand your whole attention.

So, if you use Cameralyze, have a look at our Zapier integration.

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