The AI art generator that turns simple text into wonderfully weird and retro-futuristic images.

We have meticulously selected over 2,000 images to ensure that Bizarre can produce the most engaging and unusual artworks with a touch of the retro-futuristic style we are passionate about. What sets Bizarre apart is its simplicity. There's no need to prepare complex clues; a single word like "potato" is enough to spark Bizarre's creativity, and the result is wonderful, whimsical potato-themed images. Bizarre's magic lies in his unpredictability - every time he creates something, it's a pleasant surprise. If you're interested in human-animal hybrids, insects, food or any other concept, Bizarre can bring it to life in a wonderfully weird way.

Bizarre API:

We made Bizarre accessible via API. Users can connect to Bizarre using a standard HTTP request, which makes it easy to integrate Bizarre into various programming languages. The basic parameters you will work with are: prompt, negative prompt and seed. This opens up endless possibilities for developers to incorporate Bizarre's creative capabilities into their own projects.

Bizarre Online Studio:

If you prefer a user-friendly interface, we have developed Bizarre Online Studio, where you can interact with the model effortlessly. You can set parameters such as prompt, negative prompt and seed and see the results instantly. The best part is that you can easily download your creations so you can preserve and share your uniquely bizarre works of art with others.

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